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Springfield Armory XD (not XDM)
Anybody ever shoot a Springfield Armory XD (not XDM)? What's the trigger compared to a Glock, M&P, etc.? What's your thought on them?
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A Sub Compact XD in .40 was the first new gun I ever purchased. I bought it as a carry gun and carried it for a couple of years without issue. I eventually replaced it with a Glock 19 because I wanted to carry the same platform I was shooting in USPSA and IDPA.

Every once in a while I get the XD out and shoot it at the range. The trigger is a little crisper than the trigger in my M&P but it has a long reset (probably my only complaint about the gun).

I run into problems with the grip safety from time to time. I have fairly small hands and to lock the slide back, I have to rotate on the grip a bit to reach the slide lock lever. If you aren't completely on the grip safety, the gun wont operate (slide won't travel in order to lock it back).

I don't regret buying the XD and don't see myself getting rid of it anytime soon.
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I have a couple of Glocks and a couple of XDs and like them both. My preference is for the XD. I prefer the grip angle of the XD and the trigger more than the Glock. IMHO it is definitely a question of personal preference. You need to shoot both and decide which you prefer. We could go back and forth for the next hundred years with a "he said, he said" conversation.
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Philadelphia Patriot;127739 Wrote:Anybody ever shoot a Springfield Armory XD (not XDM)? What's the trigger compared to a Glock, M&P, etc.? What's your thought on them?

I have two xdsc xdc and they are awesome over 11,000 rounds in the xdsc. The grip fits my hand better than a glock but I'd try both first as the glock might fit you better. I had one malfunction the trigger safety failed around 10k rounds. Springfield took care of it in a week. I don't know why it failed, I wasnt shooting it at the time. I highly recommend this pistol, nonetheless. Best one I own next is the five seven..

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