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Squirrel Hill: Can't I just shoot at an outdoor range?
steelcityk9cop;149112 Wrote:
streaker69;149060 Wrote:You could probably head down to Homewood and fire off a few shots, probably no one would notice. Smile

I've always said u can get away with shooting off one round without anyone calling 911... in Homewood the number jumps to five!

We ended up in Homewood by mistake a few years back, lemme tell ya, it was scary. I was just glad it was during the day.
PSMC is where you want to be. I was down there with EM and I have to tell you it is a very nicely set up range. I wish I knew about it when I lived down there.

It may benefit you to go to a group shoot and hook up with Hawk, Ed, Scruff, EM, and the rest of those guys. August isn't that far off.
I too found the whole private club thing to be quite odd after moving out here. I tried out the public SGL ranges and was definitely less than impressed. I guess I have just been here too long now because I no longer thing it is weird, just normal. Now weird to me is going somewhere and paying money to shoot in a single lane for a limited period of time.
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Just an update: it took quite some time....(I posted this first back in July) but I will finally be able to go shooting starting October.

I just gotta say, wow, I still think the time it took was a little ridiculous....but at least it'll be done and over with starting next month. Can't wait!
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