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Stevens 315 re-do
Winter's a dim memory, but maybe you fellas would like to see the results of my winter project revamping a circa 1915 Stevens model 315 SxS.
My next-door neighbor gave me the gun that belonged to his grandfather and was stored in an attic for about 50 years. I regret I didn't take any pictures until I was well underway dismantling and scrubbing everything down. All the metalwork was brown with rust, except for the bores, which were apparently swabbed with grease. Dust bunnies from the Eisenhower administration pretty much clogged them up, but kerosene, acetone, and then Ed's Red got them shining. I was encouraged at this point and proceeded to replace the broken stock with a new one from Boyd's. I Ceracoated the barrels and just polished the receiver, but expect to try one of those battery-powered plating kits and give it a nickel job.

[Image: StevensOnFloor-800_zpsac34a80f.jpg]

I even dug out my old checkering tools and aggravated my arthritis for a couple of weeks:
[Image: GripCheckering-800_zpsfeb6383c.jpg]

[Image: ForendCheckering-800_zps8d8a752f.jpg]

It's a shooter, and I've tried it out twice since it was finished, but I think I'm going to build a display case and turn it into a usable wall hanger.
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Excellent work... looks awesome.
Nice job on the side by side. I've always wanted to try my hand at checkering but I'm not rally sure where to start. Approximately how much would a set of basic tools set me back?
Ammunition, it's the new lead bullion. Buy it cheap and stack it deep.
That's really cool. I've always wanted to buy something like an old beater pump action and rip it apart and try and refinish and rebuild it. I have zero mechanical ability or skill with my hands, but it just sounds like a cool project.
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Very nice Zeeba.
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