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Store ammo in safe?
I've been thinking of getting one of those fatboy safes to be able to keep some ammo in, in addition to my guns.

Thoughts on this? Is there any reason I shouldn't keep ammo in the safe with the guns?


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I don't believe the State of Caliphornia recommends storing ammo with your guns. Wink

I like what someone on another forum did, get a Jobox and packed it all in there. Those things are meant to keep people out, and you can pack a literal shitton of ammo inside.
Yeah I saw that, it was sweet. I don't have room for that though. I do have room for upgrading my safe.

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I have a similar sized safe and do keep some ammo in it but 99% remains in ammo cans.
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Yeah I was thinking of keeping some ammo cans in it.

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Some will fit but not many depending on how many guns you plan on storing. Mine also holds non firearm related stuff.
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New safe, put guns in and fill free space with ammo. Buy more guns and slowly remove ammo to make room until no ammo is left in safe. Repeat.
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Hhaha ok so no issues with storing ammo in safe. Thanks all!

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I don't have enough room in my safes for ammo storage.

Myself, I would have no problem with storing ammo in the safe with firearms.

I lined a closet in one of the up stairs bedrooms with some scrap steel plating, got a steel door frame & door which locks with 4 dead bolts. I use this as my ammo bunker.
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Absolutely not!
You can't store ammo where you store your guns, it's too accessible and the guns may load themselves making them even more likely to go on a killing rampage.

From a practical standpoint;
Sure, there's no reason why you shouldn't. Not only is it safe from unauthorized use but it's also protected in the event of fire. How could you go wrong?
OTOH you don't want to store any significant amount of black powder or smokeless powder in one pound or larger containers in a a confined space like that but boxes of loaded ammo are fine.
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