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Store metal detectors vs RF scanners...
I had something odd happen today. I set off a metal detector in the mall following my wife going into a store and again leaving the store after I had given her all the other metal I was carrying normally apart from the obvious. My wife was not carrying and did not set it off. I'm wondering if the store had an actual magnetometer rather than an RF scanner. We had not bought anything yet and I had gone through scanners at at least 4 other locations and I did not set them off so it's not like I bought something that hadn't been deactivated. At the time the only additional metal I was carrying would have been my giant ball of work keys, my muti-tool, my light, my phone and a pen knife. I really hope stores don't begin installing actual magnetometers in stores with all this stuff going on. It could get real annoying real fast...

Has anyone else seen this lately?
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I have never seen a metal detector in any store ever..
I've heard phones can set those off.

The only time I had trouble is when I ordered a carry handbag from Cabelas, and it had an anti-theft, tiny tag hidden at the very bottom of the handbag where it was difficult to see, and they did not remove it before shipping it to me. I set off so many detectors and I was afraid they'd find my gun!!!

Finally called the company and they told me right where to find it and remove it. Sheesh.

Anyway during that time I did find out that occasionally cell phones can set them off for some reason, other any magnetic things you may have.

Were you carrying a new holster handbag from Cabelas? LOL
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