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Student expelled, faces felony charges for leaving unloaded shotgun in car at school

Student expelled, faces felony charges for leaving unloaded shotgun in car at school after skeet shooting...

Princeton, N.C. — The Princeton High School community is rallying around a student who was arrested and expelled for having an unloaded shotgun in his car in the school's parking lot.

David Cole Withrow, 16, was charged Monday with bringing a weapon on educational property, which is a felony. He was expelled from school and won't be allowed to graduate with his class later this month.

Family friend Kim Boykin said Withrow, an Eagle Scout and honors student, accidentally left his gun in the car after skeet shooting over the weekend. When he realized, he went inside to ask school officials if he could leave campus to take the gun home, but an administrator reported the weapon to police.
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Too bad, but one of these days these good upstanding kids need to learn to just not say anything. Unless they routinely check cars during the school day?
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Some "educators" are their own worst enemies. The NEA should jump down these administrators throats for making it ever-harder to be a teacher or administrator who's actually capable of using their brain.
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What in the world made that kid trust school officials? This smells like a case of failed parenting.
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He's graduating at age 16?

I can remember when it was nothing to have a gun shotgun/rifle in your vehicle while at school. Hell we were allowed to bring a cased gun and leave it in the office, so we could hunt after school.
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