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Student Fundraising Car Wash Banned over Environmental Concerns

from UPI 26 Oct 2013
SAN JOSE, Calif., Oct. 26 (UPI) -- Students in San Jose, Calif., can no longer hold car washes to raise for money for school events because city officials say they endanger the environment.

Cheerleaders at Lincoln High School had to cancel a scheduled Oct. 20 car wash after a visit from the city's Environmental Services Department, the San Jose Mercury News reported Friday.

"Anything that is not storm water or rain water is considered a pollutant," said Jennie Loft, the department's acting communications manager. "If it goes into a storm drain, that pollutant will harm wildlife and habitats in the creeks."
Keep progressing California. Keep progressing. A better world is right around the corner.
The law? The law is a human institution...
Well, I hope they are imprisoning any animal that urinates outside... the urine could make its way into the storm drain.

Then they need to stop flushing their toilets as well, regardless how well their sewage treatment plant works. Rolleyes
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I enjoy every minute of it.
Soon they'll be marrying trees
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Pocketprotector;123358 Wrote:Soon they'll be marrying trees

...and being allowed to have more than one pair of trees as parents....
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We always held our fundraising car washes at the fire station because they had the set up to wash their trucks all the time. Big Grin
There's good reason not to be doing this in California, and that is the chronic drought situation there. The reservoirs are already scary low, and have been for some years; it doesn't look to get better any time soon. Water used for things like washing cars should be recycled, as it is in commercial car-washes.

Also given there is so little rainfall to dilute the runoff, soapy/dirty water going down storm-drains is going to stay pretty concentrated. In San Jose, it ends up going into local creeks and finally to San Francisco Bay, and it works its way slowly up the whole of the bay to the Golden Gate, affecting the wetlands at the shores. Along the way, you can see the results on the down-wind shores in the form of soap and other filth.

Anybody who cares to criticize the policy ought to live in the area for a while to understand just what the impact of dozens of such fundraisers really is on an arid environment.
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This is the trouble with all regulation. It makes sense when written as you would not want some factory just dumping crap into the eco system but then its allowed to go to the extremes without the benefit of any common sense.
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