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Stupid angry guy gets guns and permit taken
ByblosHex;91727 Wrote:Then it's a matter of specific actions being performed and not just "losing one's temper". That's my point. Losing one's temper on it's own shouldn't really be justification for any reaction. Neither should simply being belligerent.

Right, and losing one's temper could run the gambit from yelling "what the fuck" and slamming your door to shoving your gun barrel in someone's face. I believe he lost his temper in the way that, as pointed out earlier, is considered a form of assault.

To me the term "losing one's temper" is much too general a term to say "on it's own" because it can be anything is all. Not arguing with you at all, just trying to define terms.

ETA: I guess what I'm saying is that to me an action is always associated with the term losing one's temper, as in one could always see someone losing their temper. Uh oh, semantics hole!! Watch out lol.
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I don't think the article really gives enough information to define it.

I guess the biggest question I had was whether or not the police had the right to search the home and take the guns AND the permit...but then, we do not know if he met the cops at the door with his gun, or what happened to bring that on.

The weird thing is that evidently he was carrying his gun at McD's, and he never evidently brandished it... which shows at least he had SOME common sense.... but not a lot, if a mis-made cheeseburger had him flying off the handle that badly.

Now if they gave him old rubbery fries, maybe.... (JUST kidding.)
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Well, let's face it: those big Macs and fries ARE actually a deadly weapon. But only if you throw them at someone with an open mouth.
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The guy is a loser, there's a proper way to deal with food that isn't prepared properly. Here's an instructional video.


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