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Subsonic 6.8 SPC vs. Subsonic .300 BLK
I'm not trying to start a flaming debate, but I'm relatively new to these rounds. I'm building my first SBR and am not sure what caliber to go with. It's going to be a shorty (8" to 10") and I want it to perform well with both subsonic and supersonic ammo. I hear that 6.8 SPC runs better than the .300 BLK supersonic; and .300 BLK runs better than the 6.8 SPC subsonic. I also know that the only big difference between a .300 BLK and a 5.56 is the barrel, but a 6.8 SPC requires a different barrel, bolt, bolt carrier.

Either way, my biggest factor is the ammo. I know .300 BLK subsonic ammo is commercially made. However, I could not find anyone who commercially makes subsonic 6.8 SPC ammo. I am going to eventually get into reloading whatever caliber I choose. I know guys have reloaded their own 6.8 SPC subsonic ammo. But, in the meantime, if I go 6.8 SPC I'm going to want to purchase subsonic ammo if it's even available.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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