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suddenly good manners...
streaker69;11588 Wrote:An armed society is a polite society.

+1 Heinlein knew what he was talking about.
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I think the OP is right...when I OC, folks seem to be kinder, and gentler. Or at least they give wider berth...either way, it's a "win".
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Cherokee60;12719 Wrote:I think the OP is right...when I OC, folks seem to be kinder, and gentler. Or at least they give wider berth...either way, it's a "win".

I had a family member ask me about carrying once. The conversation came around to this question "Do you want people to respect you or fear you". I replied that if I care for them I would like their respect, if I did not know them I don't care as long as they don't try to fuck with me or mine.
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Valorius;11638 Wrote:Generally no one really fucks with me one way or another.

Thats because their afraid you'll steal their girlfriendTongue
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mpan72;11661 Wrote:
TaePo;11652 Wrote:A similar thing happens when riding a motorcycle.

If you ride solo, everyone will screw with you or 'forget' to use extra caution and leave extra spacing.

Ride two or more (the more the better) and everyone thinks you are a club and they don't want to draw attention to themselves so they are 'more polite' with the road rules. They are afraid of being swarmed.

Could some of that be because they may be able to see more than one bike a little better. (actual curiousity)

To an extent that may be true. However, I have had enough 'careless' people and ultimate jerks that have seen me on highways and even two laners coming from behind and they still do nasty things.

In one instance, a cager encroached my lane on I-79. I was going to beep when I looked over and saw he had a map unfolded on his steering wheel and looking down.

I know for sure that he would not have done that had he been in the process of passing a tractor/trailer rig. I did not hit my horn as I did not want to startle him on top of his multi-tasking feat. I moved over as far as possible and slowed. When I ride with at least one other person, people tend to not act so dangerously. Perhaps it is due to there being a witness.

I did not mean to cause the thread to go off track but I think people do behave differently depending on how much of a threat the other person could be. And this is also why I think some jerks get so upset about someone carrying openly. It curbs their penchant to be jack-asses so they either pretend it is not a deterrent ('I'm going to take that from you' to acting menacingly saying, 'Go ahead and shoot'.) to you are being a threat ('Do you carry to make people afraid/fear you?').

The opposite is true on the highways: I have a big car and you are at my mercy you puny motorcyclist/cyclist. I will take the right of way, etc. Ha-ha, big fun.
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rmagill;11824 Wrote:
streaker69;11588 Wrote:An armed society is a polite society.

^This. I have worked as an armed guard at a location where there were both armed and unarmed guards. I would get all kinds of crap from people who assumed I wasn't carrying. The second they realized I was carrying it was like night and day.

It's the Fear Factor ... they've bothered you ... then they hope you won't kill them because they did. :-)

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Didn't think I'd see complaints about motorcyles vs. automobiles (although operators of BOTH vehicles drive like idiots).

I think it's two-fold. On one hand I feel that people are more respecful of an armed person due to fear or respect. On the other hand, I feel that many people assume an affiliation with law enforcement---I get this a lot due to how I present myself in regards to haircut, dress, and demeanor (I'm not a LEO anymore though). YMMV. Ninja
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