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Summers coming and so is vaction time....
#1 we go to MD. for the weekends and I've been reading up on the gun laws in Maryland. I'd like to have a pistol grip shotgun at the cottage but I can't get a clear answer if I can;

1. Transport it(unloaded) there from PA, thru WV, then have it in MD?

Sounds simple, right? Any help would be appreciated.

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I used to live in Maryland, and I might have thought I knew the answer to a certainty at one time, but the laws have changed quite a bit in recent years and I know longer trust my knowledge of MD laws.

I would urge you to go to the forums at MarylandShooters, and sign up and ask your question there. They are a very good bunch of freedom-loving, 2A supporting, law-abiding folks who will not steer you wrong. They also have quite a few gunsmiths, FFLs, LEOs, and attorneys posting there regularly.

Let them know what you are up to, and what you want to do, they will give you good information. The Maryland legislature is our enemy, but most Marylanders (especially the suburban and rural folks) and even the LEOs know what's up. I lived there for 49 years and found the LEOs to be surprisingly pro 2A, and I speak from much personal experience. That said, get the straight dope from the folks who are up-to-date on the most recent changes in the laws.
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Thank-you Sir, I will do just that.
Don't let the cartoon fool you, he bites.

stimpy17, proud to be a member of since Apr 2014.

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