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Supreme Court Deals Blow to Gun Rights While Justice Thomas Delivers a Silver Lining
Let's keep in mind that most first time dui's get a slap in the wrist. I'm not exactly sure what the law is in PA (as it won't apply to me until August), but federal law says you lose your right to the 2A once you've been sentenced to jail for a year+.

I agree with spblademaker. I've never seen a court try and convict an inanimate object.

Concerning the Supreme Court ruling in Jackson v San Francisco, if I understand it correctly, the court refused to hear the case. That's good news because their ruling doesn't impact anybody the Ninth Circus (not a typo). Concerning magazine capacity, etc, keep an eye on Friedman v Highland Park. My (very credible) sources have told me they are petitioning SCOTUS to take up the case. I love in Highland Park, and this law pisses me off. The good news is, Judge Easterbrook, who wrote the majority opinion in Friedman, also wrote the majority opinion in McDonald. He was overturned by SCOTUS in McDonald. And, if you read the Friedman ruling you'll see that Easterbrook is actually asking SCOTUS to clarify Heller. The mood in Illinois is very positive that SCOTUS will take up this case about AWB's and magazine capacity via further clarifying Heller.

Honestly, I'm nervous about the whole thing because a loss in Friedman at SCOTUS makes AWB's and magazine capacities legal nationwide. This issue needs to get buried so that politicians can't infringe on the 2A anymore.

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