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Surefire 60 round mags
What do you guys think of these?

Available in 60 and 100 round versions!

[Image: SF-HCM_60.png]
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At 130 bucks a piece, they better come with a 20 year old Filipino hooker with huge tatas... Black duct tape is 5 bucks a roll and a 30 round AR mag is 15 bucks... lol

I love guns... And boobs...
[Image: model1.jpg]
[Image: Banner_zpseba94fcf.jpg]
I'd buy 10 USGI mags for 85.00 from DSG before getting one of those, the USGI's are also more reliable.
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Chazman321;38903 Wrote:At 130 bucks a piece, they better come with a 20 year old Filipino hooker with huge tatas... Black duct tape is 5 bucks a roll and a 30 round AR mag is 15 bucks... lol


Well put!
Surefire can suck it! Any organization that had any affiliation with the NDAA 2012 can go screw!
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I'd consider it if I participated in some kind of rifle match that allows it, such as a 3-gun type match or something. However, at the "practical rifle" matches I do, everyone loads the same amount of rounds into their gun, so it would be pointless.
From the Surefire website:
- Weight Loaded: 2.02 pounds
[Image: Banner_zpseba94fcf.jpg]
Might be good for full auto, but thats about it.
I think they had some feeding problems early on that seems to be fixed now.

If you have a slidefire or F/A I'd rather use one of those than a BETA Jam 'O Matic.

I got to play with one last weekend, worked just fine in a Colt and a frankenAR with a slidefire. 600 rounds with no failures.
Yes it's a bit heavy, but lighter than a BETA and not as awkward IMO.
If you think the weight might concern you, just duct tape 3 boxes of ammo to a mag and see what it's like.

(they also double as a rifle rest depending on your stockCool)

AIM has the 60's for $90 shipped, I'd get one if I had the extra cash to keep in the house gun, but I just picked up 10 more GI mags last week so fun money is tight for a while.
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