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Sweet...Gun Grabbing Dem Ignores Tough Question From Female Gun Owner At Town Hall

Watch the congressman weasel away without answering.
"In 4 more OMao years you won't like how America looks....I guarantee it."
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That would be D James "Jim" Moran of the Va-8th. In addition to this Jim is famous for lying to his constituency in submitting H. R. 21 - NRA Members' Gun Safety Act of 2013. Quite the guy, I can guarantee he'd never get my vote the spineless wonder.
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WOW - he totally blew her off. REFUSED to address her comments at all. What a fucktard.
Ladies of the Second Amendment

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Just like they blow off everything that goes against "their agenda".... cover it up, dont answer or just walk away.. that is their way of doing things.... and they wonder why we dont trust them.....
You want to take my guns away ???? SCREW YOU ............
Well SOMEBODY elects these people, and they keep re-electing them.
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Quote:Who is the “gun girl?”

Meet Celia Bigelow, a 2012 college graduate who moved from Michigan to Texas and then Virginia, all in the past year.

[Image: 71539_4277297251161_972522906_n-620x620.jpg]

If her face looks familiar, you may have seen Ms. Bigelow on television during the run-up to last Fall’s election. Celia founded a group called “Students Against Barack Obama” and has been seen contributor on Fox News, Fox Business, and CNN.

Bigelow told TheBlaze that she only recently decided to exercise her Second Amendment rights becoming a gun owner in January of this year. Following the Sandy Hook massacre, she sensed that gun control fever could inspire new laws that would threaten a citizen’s right to own a firearm. Less than two months ago, Celia bought an AR-15 with two 30-round magazines and a 9mm CZ handgun.

We asked why she choose those specific weapons.

“I bought the AR-15 and the 30 round magazines because a six round handgun might not get the job done,” she said.

Ms. Bigelow also sent us two ironic photographs that she took at the event with Rep. Moran

[Image: Screen-Shot-2013-03-12-at-7.55.44-PM-617x620.png]

[Image: Screen-Shot-2013-03-12-at-7.56.03-PM-620x508.png]

There were armed guards at the event. Celia Bigelow speculated that they were there to protect the Congressman.
Ladies of the Second Amendment

"I regard giving as necessary to right the balance" Hu Chung


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