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Swift, silent, stabby...
lots o' guns on here but sometimes the blade is better.  I'm talking quality blades, btw.  Here are some of mine (and some of you have seen them before, I know):

top to bottom
Ka-Bar Kukri (brush clearing, CQ head-taking)
Becker BK7 (original impossible to find version, ridiculously sharp, very strong)
Becker BK3 Tool (super pry/chop/chisel, as well as skinner and cord/strap cutter)
CRKT M16-14Z pocket knife (super functional, and always in my pocket... always)

[Image: IMAG0247.jpg]

Cold Steel Scottish Dirk (stabbiest knife ever!  This will go right through a chest cavity and stick out the other side)

[Image: IMAG0120.jpg]

Cold Steel Spiked War Hammer (usable as a tool in so many ways in a SHTF scenario, and able to cave in a frickin zombie skull like nobody's business)

Cold Steel Combat Shovel (dig a ditch, separate heads from bodies... whatevs)

[Image: CIMG0413.jpg]

And the coup de gras... the life taker and heart breaker (well, it will cleave through the heart... while it's still in your chest), the Cheness Oniyuri 9260 silicone spring steel close combat katana.

[Image: CIMG0416.jpg]

The blade is about 3 inches shorter than a standard katana, but the handle is much longer.  In tight spaces, you can get more power with less swing.  there are cutting tests of this sword on the web, and for the price, you literally can not get a better blade.
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awesome collection what did the war hammer cost you? Ill post some of mine shortly to get this thread moving more
The second amendment is my gun permit
[Image: o8wdar.jpg][Image: 4i1op4.jpg][Image: o8wdar.jpg]Cold steel two handed machete nice for brush clearing but better suited for defense

s&w kukari machete decent for a cheapy

M48 staff/tomahawk good for defense in a worst case scenrio

Tomahawk full tang it can take a beating

Kabar full size combat knife

My favorite Ontario Mairine raider

I posted the one pic twice Im getting used to the new tools for posting pics my apologies
The second amendment is my gun permit

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