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Taurus CT9 G2 9x19mm Semi-Automatic Carbine
Quote:Taurus CT9 G2 9x19mm Semi-Automatic Carbine
by Jeff Quinn

photography by Jeff Quinn & Boge Quinn

December 28th, 2013

[Image: DSC00092.jpg]

The idea of a pistol-caliber carbine is almost as old as the self-contained metallic cartridge. In the late nineteenth century, it was quite popular to have one’s carbine and revolver chambered for the same cartridge, even though most of the dual-purpose cartridges in use at that time began life as rifle cartridges. Today, the idea of a carbine that is chambered for a pistol cartridge lives on, with handy carbines available that are chambered for the 9x19mm, 10mm, 40 S&W, 357 and 44 magnums, and the 45 Colt. In the recent past, stout leverguns and/or single-shots were available chambered for the 454 Casull, 480 Ruger, 475 Linebaugh, and the 460 and 500 S&W magnum cartridges.

The Taurus CT9 G2 carbine featured here is a blowback-operated semi-automatic carbine that fires from the closed-bolt position. The CT9 is a modern weapon built of modular polymer, aluminum, and steel construction. The CT9 is chambered for the 9x19mm NATO cartridge. It wears a skeletonized fixed-position buttstock with a fifteen and one-eighth inch length of pull. The slim 0.63 inch diameter barrel is free-floated, and measures sixteen inches in length. The CT9 has an overall matte black finish, which matches well on the various materials used. The safety levers are ambidextrous, and rotate downward about eighty degrees to fire. The bolt catch/release is also ambidextrous, and pushes inward to close the bolt, which remains in the open position on an empty magazine. The magazine release is centered, behind the magazine, and works equally well for either right-handed or left-handed operators. The non-reciprocating charging handle is forward-mounted atop the hand guard, and can be switched to either side of the carbine. The ten-shot magazines are made of steel, with polymer followers. The trigger pull is surprisingly smooth, and the resistance measured an average of only two and one-half pounds on my digital scale, with a travel of around 0.14 inch before release. The trigger reach measures 2.74 inches. Very nice trigger. I was expecting an AR-15 mil-spec type of trigger pull, but the CT9 trigger is much smoother and lighter than that of the typical AR. The black polymer hand guard is ribbed for a secure hold, without being abrasive to the skin. At the bottom is a five inch section of Picatinny-pattern accessory rail. There is also provision to mount two more sections of rail along each side of the hand guard, if needed. Along with the eighteen inch rail along the top, there is plenty of room to mount sights and accessories, if desired. The sights consist of a well-protected adjustable rear with a two-position aperture/notch and a covered front post. Both sights can be moved fore and aft along the top rail without the use of tools.

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[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
It's kinda butt ugly, almost as though they crossed an AR with a Hipoint.
streaker69;129912 Wrote:It's kinda butt ugly, almost as though they crossed an AR with a Hipoint.

It looks interesting, and I would like to fire one, but the thing that irks me the most is the magwell. I like the curved finger grooves on the front of it, but the shape of the rear of it makes it look like you can't reload it very quickly like an AR.
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
I'm just happy it's not another email-spam thread.

I saw those when I was looking into getting my Camp 9.
I get a woody for all things carbine, but I may need a little blue pill for this one.
What I would really like to see the most is a lever action 9mm rifle carbine. A lever action rifle with a 16" barrel that can hold 10+ rounds of 9mm would be awesome.
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
streaker69;129912 Wrote:It's kinda butt ugly, almost as though they crossed an AR with a Hipoint.

Kinda like dipping Chocolate in Peanut butter, don't ya think?
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Not sure why all the mass just for a 9mm or 40 S&W. Make one in 223 that takes AR mags and I might think about it. And drop the price. And throw in a collapsible stock. And add a threaded barrel. hell with it!
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