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That Can’t Happen
Quote:That Can’t Happen
Posted on May 21, 2015

By Jeff Knox
Jeff Ready

Buckeye, AZ -( For a second time in as many months, we have seen something that we have been repeatedly told just can’t happen.

In the first instance, a man sitting in a car in Chicago saw another man shooting into a group of people. As in most cases of life-and-death, when seconds count, the police were minutes away, so the witness took action. He got out of his car, drew his legally carried, concealed handgun, and shot the attacker, ending the attack, preventing an untold number of deaths and injuries, and harming no one else in the process.

How many times have we been told that it is a fairy tale to think an armed citizen could stop a rampaging gunman? How many times have we been told how much worse a shooting incident would be if “civilians started shooting?” “They’ll shoot bystanders,” we’re told. “They’ll be shot by police,” they say. But once again, the good guy with a gun stopped the bad guy with a gun, and no additional carnage ensued.

Now we have the case in Garland, Texas, where a pair of home-grown jihadists decided to stage a massacre at an event where a couple of hundred people were looking at drawings considered insulting to Muslims. The attackers, armed with powerful, death-spraying “assault weapons,” approached a perimeter guard, jumped from their car, and started shooting. An unarmed security guard was struck in the leg, but a police officer drew his handgun and was able to shoot and kill both attackers, sending them on to whatever reward awaits them.

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