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The California Bills Brown Didn't Veto
So Brown's veto of several anti-gun bills was hopeful BUT there were 8 other bills he did sign, and some of them are horrific at best.

AB170 removed the ability for a corporation to buy a 50 BMG, what this means is questionable

AB48 makes it a misdemeanor to manufacture, import or sell a large capacity magazine conversion kit.

AB231 creates the crime of 'criminal storage of a firearm in the 3rd degree' for leaving a loaded gun where 'they should have known' a child could find it - that should have known could be very dangerous.

AB500 halts gun purchases if the buyer has a 'history of mental treatment' or criminal conviction. History of mental treatment? Does that mean you go see a psychiatrist once and you can't buy guns?

AB711 requires the use of non-lead ammo for hunting effective July 1, 2019

AB1131 increases the time before a person is allowed to buy a gun from 6 months to 5 years after making a threat of physical violence to a licensed psychotherapist.

SB363 expands the definition of 'criminal storage' (see above) to include keeping a loaded gun where a prohibited person has access to it.

SB683 requires person buying a long gun to take the same safety training as people who buy handguns.

And of course we will see if there are the votes to override his veto on the other 5 bills
These laws are worse than the ones in NY and NJ. Congratulations to California on becoming the most draconian state in the country.
(10-12-2013, 12:54 PM)Jon Doe Wrote: These laws are worse than the ones in NY and NJ. Congratulations to California on becoming the most draconian state in the country.

Don't worry, new york, New Jersey, and Maryland will see this as a challenge and try to reclaim the crown.
Everytime we look the other way when someone else loses rights we disagree with, we make it easier to lose the rights we support.


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