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The Case for 3D Targets

The closest I have come to doing this was to put a shirt on a target backer to simulate the true size and shape of a torso. Unfortunately, this is usually not acceptable at most ranges!

Quote:Aaron Cowan

The case for three dimension training should be self evident. We live in a three dimensional world. We have grown up interacting in three dimensions using depth perception, hand-eye coordination and an instinctual math to perform a multitude of tasks on a daily basis. Yet, when it comes to firearms training, a vast majority of professional shooters are still using two dimensional training models. Instead of training on three dimensional targets that represent, as close as possible, the threats we will face, training is conducted on two dimensional paper caricatures of the human form that are always conveniently squared off to the shooter

the two dimensional target dangerously reinforces the supposition that in a violent encounter our threat will stand fully erect, squared off and if he moves, it will be forward, back, or running squared-off to the left or right. Anyone who has ever been in a violent force encounter involving firearms knows this to be almost 100% false.
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