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Cherokee60;35590 Wrote:What's that? A bike with a trailer for Michelle and Hillary?
He has to haul his bitches and ho's around in something
"Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity"

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Putting this here just because I don't wanna start a new thread for the joke.

Quote:US Secret Service startled by lizards

You'd think they'd be used to being around large reptilians after being around the president for so long.
streaker69;35497 Wrote:I don't really see an earpiece, but I am concerned about that line through his hair. Looks like just the right shape for an antenna for the alien implants. Or possibly the seam for when he rips off his face and reveals his lizard face.

you dont see it because it is need special interwebz goggles to see it.
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I believe the term you're looking for is "gangsta."
6l6gc;35539 Wrote:It wouldn't take much to hide an earpeice in those ears.

Quiet! He might hear you.

streaker69;35513 Wrote:
JustinHEMI;35512 Wrote:There's no ear piece.


That's no moon.
[Image: 6a00d83421dda453ef01156f31a4b8970b-800wi]

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Ok, so no earpiece. What about a codpiece?

[Image: Gorilla_Codpiece___obama_girl.jpg]
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He doesn't need an earpiece to be a tool. The photo looks as dubious as the ring photos.
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