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The Law of Unintended Consequences
Plastic bag ban leads to nationwide increase in shoplifting rates

Quote:On Friday, New Jersey Democratic operative James Devine was arrested for attempting to snatch $22 worth of merchandise from a local ShopRite pharmacy. Devine tried to smuggle lettuce, shampoo and protein powder out of the store, perhaps trying to hide the fact that he was about to make the world’s most disgusting salad. To avoid detection, he stashed the goods in a reusable grocery bag.


This suspicion solidified into disturbing data a year later on the other side of the country. When a Seattle ordinance banning plastic bags took effect on July 2012, 21.1 percent of surveyed Seattle business owners said that the plastic bag ban led to an increase in shoplifting problems. Seattle’s Lake City Grocery Outlet, for instance, had thousands of dollars worth of goods stolen that year.

We can either save the earth by banning plastic bags, or we can have shoplifting.
Yeah, but couldn't you just stash a few plastic bags in your pocket and end up with the same effect?

Maybe shoplifting is getting worse because people are getting worse.....
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Huh? People are using the reusable bags to conceal stuff that they're stealing.
Sounds like he thought it was just another entitlement. Big Grin
streaker69;112351 Wrote:Huh? People are using the reusable bags to conceal stuff that they're stealing.

I just thought you meant they were using the reusable ShopRite bags to pretend they already bought the stuff. I was just saying that if you were doing that, you could use plastic bags the same way.

But if they're actually stashing the food under other possessions as in hiding stuff, then I guess that's different and I didn't catch on to that method. (I guess I wouldn't know all the different ways to shoplift, I've never tried it. haha.)
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New Jersey Democratic surprise there
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You know what would be hilarious?

Smuggling inappropriate items in to the store. Buy a bunch of stuff from an adult store and hide them randomly in the shelves. Like the genital shaped pasta, boob/wang shaped soaps, or a giant dildo hidden in the cucumbers.

Could get expensive, but holy crap would it be funny
tolerance for failure meter... LOW
not to mention the reusable bags unwashed can grow e-coli from leaking packages
It's the "BILL OF RIGHTS" not the bill of "needs"
Booster bags are very popular with organized retail crime groups too.

[Image: 6a00e54f03ea5c8834010535cd33e8970c-500wi.jpg]

[Image: 628x471.jpg]
[Image: pa_zps59e4c512.png?t=1379682235]
Another example:

Got solar panels on the roof of your business, looks like the fire department will let it burn, and I can understand why. Firefighters generally won't enter a building while it has power, especially if it's an electrical fire. There's no way to stop a solar array from generating power as long as the sun shines.

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