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The Lesser of Two Evils and The Hamilton Rule
I'm not copying and pasting this whole article.
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Despicable that The Federalist and the National Review are so entrenched in their own ideology that they would sacrifice the good of the country to a political idea.

In a nutshell:
"Both are liberal so I will pick the one who says they are liberal rather than the one who says he is conservative because the more liberal one will be easier to whine about."
It's coming. This feels like 2008 all over again, but much much worse. I'm not even sure Hillary will get the nomination, look at Bernie's upset in Indiana last night. Not enough people are awake yet and it's evidenced by all the low information voters who backed Trump from the beginning. The media has chosen the nominee for the "Republican party" and the Trumptards are correct, the Republican party is dead. It's last dying breath will be the moment it nominates the RINO center leftist masquerading as a conservative on the first ballot at the convention.

I really hope the ticket will be Trump-Cruz at this point and maybe Cruz can keep him in line. I will NOT compromise my values however and if it doesn't happen I will vote Gary Johnson. People can call me what they want but Trump doesn't represent me and my values, much the same as Sanders doesn't and I won't vote for him either.

I almost wonder if someone like Hillary were to switch parties, switch platforms and ideas much like Trump has and run as a "conservative republican" if people would lap it up in much the same way. Would those same people attack the people who say "hey, this ain't right, I can't vote for her, she hijacked the party"? Would they blame us for not wanting to vote for someone like that? This is what has happened people.

If Clinton or Sanders wins the general we get a liberal in the white house who will make liberals look bad. If Trump wins the general we get a liberal in the white house who will make conservatives look bad. Which is the lesser of two evils?
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We have had a super liberal in the White House for 8 years. Did he make liberals look bad? Not according to Democrats despite being the worst president in over a 100 years. They actually want to move further to the left.

By the time Trump gets to the election everyone will know he is not a conservative. So he could maybe hurt Republicans but not conservatives

Trump is as conservative as Romney or McCain or Bush for that matter (ie. not). Center right with a streak of crazy has a chance, far right or Libertarian does not. Far right can't even get the nomination. So if you did not vote for Romney because he was not conservative enough and Obama won then don't vote for Trump because he is not a real conservative and you can bitch about how bad Hillary is as she takes your guns.
Trump is so far left he makes Romney look like Ron Paul. You could take the same tired argument of "you didn't vote for my guy and my guy lost because of it" and blame yourself for not electing Ron Paul these last two elections. This would have been such a better country if Ron Paul was the president for the last 8 years. But wait, I thought Trump was leading against Hillary head to head before today. That means my vote for someone else but Trump shouldnt hurt the results anyway. We could go round and round forever but the truth is I vote for the constitution and for freedom and for limited government. My vote will always be that way. Just because the GOP decided to go a different route doesn't mean I should just jump on the bandwagon. They do not represent me or my values any more or less than the liberals do.
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From where I am sitting the voting for the lesser of two evils thing hasn't been working out so great. But the the Trump supporters will still be trying to play the blame game to guilt you into voting for their boy.
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IMO, there is no lesser of the two evils running right now, we have evil on both sides.
streaker69;173978 Wrote:IMO, there is no lesser of the two evils running right now, we have evil on both sides.

Actually, there are a lesser 2 of 3 evils at the moment. With Hitlary's health concerns and legal problems at the forefront and Bernie's unexpected upset in Indiana I think he is the ultimate evil right now. If Sanders gets the nominee, it's "time". I don't think there is any way we can stop that train and where it's going.
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