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The most fun and frivolous, but still very useful prepper tool ever!
streaker69;156268 Wrote:Photo 2: Get a shot of your wife in the shower with it, but you don't have to post it. Wink

Photo 3. Warm spot left by a dog sitting.

She was already chased around with it on day one, hence her annoyance with it already Tongue. You're about as close as you could realistically get on that guess on the mystery photo. That was where my 20lb fat ass cat was sitting before it walked off, he may as well be a small dog. It's cool that you can see the two different tail orientations preserved in the heat signature though.

Here's dinner, pan fried flounder fillets over a gas stove... This thing could give you some serious nerd cred at the next BBQ lol.

[Image: ndq2bk.jpg]
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I've effectively commandeered the camera for the time being. If anyone wants to see any materials compared or anything let me know I plan on picking up another space blanket to experiment with over the weekend.
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Here's also an interesting news story. Apparently the Taliban are apparently using space blankets to hide from our attack aircraft in Afghanistan.

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This one is pretty damn interesting... This is outside looking at my chimney on a cold night after a fire has been going in our fireplace for about 4 hours or so. I figured the sides of my chimney would be warm, but I never figured it would get so warm over such a large area over such a relatively short time period. The chimney is clean as a whistle too this early in the season. It will be interesting to image again at the end of the season to see if the build up causes more pronounced hot spots. I'm also surprised that the outside of the chimney is so much warmer outside than the on side of the chimney that faces towards the house. The brick above the mantle hardly warms at all in the same time period. I put a couple markers on the image just to see the temp at various points at the surface. Obviously the cap is the hottest at 170F.

[Image: algj1v.jpg]
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Being a mom I was trying to figure out if your baby was a little chilly or not....lol....same temp colors as the faucet pic. And baby in Celcius and I'm too lazy to convert.....
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In the few months since we first got this camera the people who created the original resolution hack have added TONS of features to it. They added like 10 new color palettes, there is a mode now which highlights things below the dew point to show where moisture is likely to develop. You can manually set the temp scale now which really helps control contrast so you could make humans for example show up better at a distance. There's a mode now where you can measure 3 spots, simultaneously its insane what they've done. To buy a thermal camera with similar features would literally cost in excess of $4k. The value they have added is just incredible. If anyone is thinking about grabbing on of these for themselves or work now is the time. Its only a matter of time before FLIR updates their firmware or cripples them via hardware changes and locks everyone out again. There are so many uses for these things it's almost comical. Lately I've been using mine to check how hot the baby's food is after microwaving it LOL Tongue. If you are any kind contractor or are buying properties or something of that nature this thing would easily pay for itself. I also used mine also to find an extremely slow leak in a drain pipe in my house (unusual cool spot on the ceiling on the first floor under the bathroom) that I was able to repair that I would have never seen until it was much worse.
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Can't believe there are no fart captures yet...

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