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The most seething anti-gun piece I've read in quite awhile

I know, why am I reading jezebel? I saw the article name on the bottom of a jalopnik article and just had to read it.

After raising my blood pressure from the sheer ignorance and idiocy of the rant, I posted a reply:

Quote:Fuck you, guns. Fuck you for enabling the small, the weak, and the enfeebled to protect themselves against the big and the strong. Fuck you, guns, for making everyone equal not in law, but in practice.

I'm frankly amazed at the ignorance shown in this rant. You know why none of those researched mass shootings weren't stopped by concealed carriers? Because all of the ones that were, didn't even AMOUNT to a mass shooting by most metrics. [](with cited sources) shows that the average mass shooting death toll when stopped by police is 14.29, vs an average of 2.33 when stopped by an armed private citizen.

You want to talk gun control? Ok, fine. I'll go along with banning all types of firearms, as long as the government and law enforcement can't have them either. Statistics will show that you're far more likely to be killed by your government than a random criminal. I'd rather they not have a monopoly on the power.

What? You say that it's lunacy to take away guns from the government? Well then, you're not anti-gun. You're pro-tyranny.
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That was....great.

The reply I mean.
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Some of the comments are good too... and I mean that. Some pro-2a folks there.

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Just commented:

Wow... Perhaps if you actually did some research, you could have actually presented facts. How about the fact that when a gun control law is passed, violent crime in that area goes up? Imagine your scenario for a second. You make it harder to legally get a firearm. Fine. But criminals don't obey the law... because they're criminals. They get their guns from illegal sources. So while you've made it harder for a single mother to obtain a weapon do defend herself from rape or murder, it's still just as easy for that rapist/murderer to get a weapon of his own.

Or how about the fact that mass shooters almost infallibly choose "gun free zones" to commit their crimes. These "gun free zones" do nothing but make a safe haven for murderers to carry out their crimes with minimal fear of being resisted.

Tell me why after cities ban handguns, home invasions and violent crimes suddenly skyrocket.

History has also shown us that gun control is almost always followed by genocide.

The "less guns, less crime" mentality sounds nice on its face, but in practice we find that it is utterly false. Honestly, if there were a way to permanently eliminate firearms from the world, would I do it? You bet your ass I would. But I can't. It's not possible to "uninvent" something. Outlawing firearms does nothing to inconvenience criminal and in fact makes their actions easier.
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