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JustinHEMI;84746 Wrote:Yeah he's one of my favorite youtubers.


PisnNapalm;84778 Wrote:I've been subscribed to his videos for a while now. He is wise beyond his years. He looks past race at the root cause for problems. This is his Youtube channel.

Philadelphia Patriot;84784 Wrote:I like him! Twothumbsup

Connal;84801 Wrote:He knows his stuff, and he says it in a way that even those that are not "in the know" can understand. He emphasizes safety, common sense, and sanity.

I don't mind having him speak his mind on a larger level. I welcome it.

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God's Country;84809 Wrote:Why is he going to matter?
He's conservative and uses his brain.
Which means he'll be branded a turncoat, or uncle tom, oreo cookie or whatever marginalizes his message.
He'll be the Herman Cain of the nra.
I welcome his support, but my support isn’t the target.

We need Dennis Rodman.

He's young, and speaks the language of younger generations. Instead of a stuffy, old, white guy speaking, you get a young black guy. It changes the face of the people speaking out in favor of guns in a way the anti's didn't see coming.

You're right, he will be branded those things by the loony left, but that will only go to further strengthen his words.

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This could get interesting.
csmith;84742 Wrote:They should just go full bore and make him the official spokesperson.

That's actually a pretty great idea. He's well spoken and obviously not a complete moron, seems fairly intelligent, at the least, to me.
Been a fan for a while now. Good to hear.

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Excellent, I think I might donate more money to the NRA when I get my bills paid off.
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LifeInPa, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
Sanity, yours if you can keep it. Confused
As far as I'm concerned, one Colin Noir is worth 5 Wayne LaPierres. Glad to hear it!
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