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The People's Republic of Kalifornia strikes again!
I don't smoke, I absolutely hate the smell and everything that goes with it from growing up in the same household as someone who smoked like a train lighting one off another, but even I find this utterly appalling. San Francisco is now telling people they're not allowed to smoke in their own condos or duplexes they own outright. How do people not get the fact that every day we get closer to being treated like prisoners and/or slaves to the government in our own country? Reading this stuff over the past few years I just wish I had a billion dollars to launch a massive ad campaign directed at making people wake the fuck up to the stuff that's going on here on our own shores and how disconnected we are from what this country was envisioned to be. I don't have kids, but the way things are going I'm not sure if I would want them to grow up in this foreign country / police state I've been living in since 9/11. Give it 5-10 years the liquor control board or health department will probably force building managers to hire people to make sure that people aren't bringing an "unhealthy" amount of booze in to their apartments and condos, the amount deemed "unhealthy" of course will be determined arbitrarily by someone's personal discretion and violations will be reported to the police and your employer. It would open up a bunch of union government jobs at the expense of the slave *sorry, I mean taxpayer* for the democratic voting block it's win win!

So much for all that stuff about freedom and the pursuit of happiness... The further we go down this road the closer we get to a place where our only option to fix the system will be a revolt.
The forum poster formerly known as Emoticon...
I agree with you Emoticon. But this is what Political Correctness brings us. You know as well has most of us that Kalifornias example of PC is pretty much the breeding point were this stuff lives and breathes then moves on to infect the rest of the states.
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I wonder how this is sitting with the pot smokers.
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Camper;26820 Wrote:I wonder how this is sitting with the pot smokers., they'll ban the munchies.
With cheese, Grommet.
Cherokee60;26827 Wrote:
Camper;26820 Wrote:I wonder how this is sitting with the pot smokers., they'll ban the munchies.

Big gulps are already on the list in NYC and coming soon to a politician near you.
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Actually, just found this: Mars limits size of candy bars...

Someone said something about the First...Lady helping this along. Dunno...all this crap is silly.
With cheese, Grommet.
this question is a dubble edge sword.
on one hand if people want to rot their lungs out. burn holes in everything they own. walk around smelling like a trash fire that is their choice.
but when you can not work because you have no lungs don't expect me to support you. also you can not rent an appartment you can't even show it till after you cleanup after the smoker that moved out. add in the extra cost of fire ins. because you alow smoking.
so when you add it up i don't alow smoking in any of my houses or cars and trucks.
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How long before everyone is required to work the job the state tells them they have to work, and the state will allocate how much money you get and what foods you can eat?
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Wearing the same clothing, worshipping the same deity (Dear Leader O), living the same drab lives...little worker bees waiting for God.
With cheese, Grommet.
Ah yes California, the place where the people think they will live forever if they outlaw anything that smokes. I don't know if it ever passed but they wanted to outlaw gasoline powered lawn mowers because of the emissions.

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