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The Problem with “CLP” Type Gun Lubricants
The Problem with “CLP” Type Gun Lubricants
Posted on February 9, 2012

You remember what your mother or father once told you: if it looks too good to be true, it probably is…

Which today, ladies and gentlemen, leads us to opine on the value of so-called, “CLP” gun treatments. The letters C-L-P stand for, “Clean,” “Lubricate” and “Protect.” Meaning that one whiz-bang application of some “CLP stuff” will satisfy all your gun cleaning needs in one easy step. Splash some “CLP lube” onto your firearms parts, and, bang, you’re done. Nice if life were that easy.

Here’s the problem — and you don’t need a degree in tribology (the study of friction) to figure this out for yourself. ”CLP” gun lubes are simply trying to do too much. Actually, they are trying to do the impossible in terms of gun cleaning (and practical chemistry).
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And how much did Mil-Comm pay to have 3 of their products advertised? My bad. It looks like the entire thing is one huge Mil-Comm store.
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I have never used CLP as a cleaner.. or as a lube for any of my pistols. But I do like it as a lube for my AR. I subscribe to the sloppy wet AR school so I find it works well. I do feel it excels in the rust preventative category. I rub down my steel AR externals with it and have never had a surface rust issue. My AR has been in extremely damp conditions for years.
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I hope it works I use CLP wipes to coat my firearms. Maybe I should order more weapon shield and try that on the exterior.
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Happy g96 user in temps ranging from 10 to 100.

I have recently started using tw25 bravo on my pistol rails and various internal parts.
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I don't clean my guns anymore cause I can't afford to shoot them. Dodgy

But seriously, I'll use just about anything to clean and lube, and I've never had problems. Typically I'll spray a bunch of WD40 into the action and blow it out with compressed air. And I don't clean every time I shoot either, it's not necessary with non-corrosive ammo. The only guns that I find really need frequent and thorough cleaning are 22's, or obviously anything that shoots corrosive ammo. I think people stress out way too much about cleaning their guns, and what products to use.
I love CLP. I use it on all of my guns, it got rid of the rust they came with and none of my guns have ever rusted since I've had them. I use CLP on my motorcycle as well. Spray it, cure it, brush it, wipe it.
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I use Powder Blaster in my barrels and on my metal parts (specifically the slide, striker channel, and striker pin), and I use CLP to clean my polymer parts and to lightly coat EVERYTHING. I also use Wilson Combat Grease where my frame and slide rails meet. Every time I rack the slide or shoot my pistol, my slide moves like it is on ball bearings.
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Ballistol, here.

Incidentally, I've been conducting a year long experiment and other than wiping down at the range, I haven't cleaned either of my daily carry pieces. That's a few dozen range trips and who knows how many rounds.

The HK doesn't care. Not one issue. But, I suspect that my recent FTEs with my LCP may be due to not being cleaned. Now that the year is up, they're both going to get the royal treatment and hopefully the LCP gets sorted out.

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Wd-40 cleans lithium grease lubes and protects. Not a whole lot in the world better than those two if at all.

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