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The Second Amendment: Meet The Argument Head On
Quote:“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Simple words with a simple meaning that goes ignored and twisted by many citizens, and therefore goes ignored and further twisted by most politicians.

The words are simple. In order to maintain freedom voluntary non paid soldiers comprised of ordinary citizens, or a militia, must be allowed to exist. A standing army paid for and secured by the federal government is not a militia. The national guard is not a militia.
The only way a true militia can be maintained is by allowing ordinary citizens to own whatever modern weapons necessary to secure their freedom. The weapons
that are readily available to the average citizen are small arms, and are replica’s of what modern armies use on the battlefield.

The Second Amendment was not written to protect hunting, or other shooting sports.
It was written to protect an essential liberty necessary to pursue freedom.

We have come a very long way from maintaining a well regulated militia.
I would argue this is one of the very reasons such disrespect for personnel firearm ownership has become so invasive. We have removed the personnel responsibility from those words. The crux of our freedom is personnel responsibility. This does not exist through legislation, judicial review, or executive decree.

Shouldn’t this be the discussion….always?
No distractions
None of the founders this or that arguments.
No modern meanings or definitions.
The words meant what they meant when they were originally penned.
Any necessary change can come through amendment. Not popular/current interpretation.

If we truly want to change the weight of the Second Amendment then let us have that discussion. Let our representatives that are so eager to define what it means to keep and bear arms while conveniently omitting the proceeding words in the very same sentence, stand up and make the argument why a militia is no longer necessary. Why the standing army under their control is far superior to the rag tag well armed citizenry that gave birth to this nation. Demand the conversation to take place. Do not stand behind whittled down interpretations of the Second Amendment because it is convenient or creates an easier argument to be made. A diluted freedom is no longer a freedom and soon becomes a privilege. Demand the full context be debated. It is a single sentence. Surely our elected representatives can grasp the meaning of a single sentence.

In conclusion of this debate if we as a nation truly believe it is time to retire in part or in whole the Second Amendment then do so through amending the greatest document of freedom created to date. A daunting task to be sure, and by design. There is a reason why politicians seek to reinterpret the words that give us freedom and restrict their power. It is because it gives us freedom and restricts their power.

Do not allow any of our freedoms to be taken so lightly. Amending the Constitution requires more than sound bites on the evening news, or scary images that affect us emotionally. The very least we should do to protect our freedom is to demand those that we have chosen to represent us do so faithfully to the document they have sworn to uphold. If after all of this we want to proceed with culling the Second Amendment then by all means do so, and live with the consequences knowing we all had responsibility in our future and the future generations.
Welcome to ObamaNation part deuxUtg
Reading Heller and McDonald reminds us of keeping the arms in the hands of ALL of the people, so that they are learned in, and unafraid of, arms, and that arms don't fall only into the hands of a select militia. Today, our select militia, to be feared, is the federal, state, and municipal police. So we have to worry about government military. Then we have to worry about the National and State Guards. Then we have to worry about the select militia. It's really getting to be a bore as they bar arms from our hands and put greater weaponry in the hands of those three groups.
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