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Think of the Children - IDPA sanctioned benefit match
Match Date: April 26-28

The Lewistown Pistol Club is proudly hosting the 2013 Think of the Children Match.
This match is being held as a fund raiser for The Prayer Child Foundation.
This is going to be an IDPA sanctioned match consisting of 10 stages held over the April 26-28 weekend. Friday will be staff only. Saturday will have a morning and an afternoon session, and Sunday will have a morning session. Each session will have space for 40 competitors. Registration will be handled through the North and East Pa IDPA scores website.
Click here to register now.

Watch our club website for any updates.

We'd like to thank our first match sponsor UniqueTek.
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Nice... might have to hit this one up. Is there any requirement to be there both days? Like an awards ceremony or something on Sunday?

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No requirement to be there both days, unless you want to staff the event. Angel

Awards will be given out on Sunday. If a competitor won an award and isn't there, our first option will be to give the award to someone who is there, knows the winner, and is willing and able to deliver it. If nobody is available, the award will be shipped to the winner.

I hope you can make it, I recently had the chance to deliver a check from the Prayer Child Foundation to a central PA family, and just the look on their faces when they saw it showed how much a simple donation can mean to a family.
I would staff the event... PM what you need and I'll see what I can do.

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2 Hours 13 Minutes from my house to the club. That is a bit too far for me. Looks like a fun match though.
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waltw;78799 Wrote:2 Hours 13 Minutes from my house to the club. That is a bit too far for me. Looks like a fun match though.

If I don't work it we can car-pool... if we shoot saturday afternoon that would be great

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We'd like to thank Singer Scents for their sponsorship of the match.

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We'd like to thank Brilliant Backstraps for joining as a match sponsor.

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Also, we're currently up to 78 registered competitors, there's still room for you, though.
I wanted to share the story of a central PA family that was helped by The Prayer Child Foundation.

[Image: Jazzy1.jpeg][Image: Jazzy2.jpeg]
Quote:On December 9, 2012 at 2:00am Jazzlene woke up and came over to Justin and
I's bed. She said she didn't feel good and that her legs hurt. I felt her
head and she did have a fever so I gave her some Tylenol, put her in bed
with us and rubbed her legs. As the day went on she got progressively worse.
The fever would not break and by night fall she could hardly walk. First
thing Monday morning I called our doctor's office. They essentially did
nothing but a urine culture and told us it was a virus and sent us home.
That night Jazz still had an ongoing fever and leg pains. I started to cry
telling my husband I don't know what is wrong, but something is seriously
wrong. I know it...I can feel it...the doctors are wrong. By Wednesday
December 12 she could not walk or even sit up. I called the doctor's office
back and her urine results were negative and I told the doctors about how
she was getting worse, so they told me to bring her back in. We saw a
different doctor this time. She did an exam and thought it was Jazzy's hip
and not her legs bothering her, so she ordered an x-ray. While we were in
getting an x-ray the doctor came back and told me she was sending us for
blood work as well. I asked her since I had to go to the hospital to get the
blood work done could we also get an ultrasound to see if there is a fluid
collection around Jazzy's hip. She said sure. She also told me Jazzy's case
was puzzling and she would feel better if she referred us to an orthopedic
pediatric specialist. I said that is fine I would like some answers and get
Jazzy better. That night we went to the hospital and got blood work done as
well as an ultrasound. Her blood work came back within the normal range but
the ultrasound showed a small fluid collection, so off to Hershey we went
first thing Thursday morning.

The orthopedic pediatric doctor did an exam and sent us for some more test.
It was a very long day that consisted of x-rays, ultrasound guided hip
aspiration, and an MRI with sedation. That night we were admitted to Penn
State Milton Hershey Hospital. When we got up to the room we got a phone
call from the orthopedic doctor and she told us that Jazzy either had an
infection or Leukemia. They were still waiting on one lab result. A hour
later the oncology/hematology doctor came in and said the results of Jazzy's
blood smear showed Leukemia, but they did not know what type. In order to
find out they have to do a bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture. Meanwhile
Jazz was on all different kind of medicines and getting blood draws.

Friday December 14 we were sent down to the OR for the procedures. That
afternoon we met with 3 different doctors and they told us Jazz had Acute
myelogenous leukemia (AML). This is a rare aggressive form of cancer and in
order to treat it we have to stay aggressive. Her treatments last 4-5 weeks
at a time. The first 8-10 days she gets 3 different type if chemo meds. Then
we wait for her blood counts to drop to zero then bounce back so we can
bring her home for a few days then we are back at it again. Before each
round of chemo Jazz has to get a bone marrow biopsy, lumbar puncture, and a
chemo injection into her spine. We began our first round of chemo on
December 17.

Everything was going as well as could be expected, but on Christmas Eve her
broviac line decided to stop working so on December 27th we headed back down
to the OR for another line.

On January 16, 2013 we got to bring her home for the first time in a month.
We all were ecstatic!! On the 22nd we headed back down for the bone marrow
biopsy, chemo injection, and lumbar puncture. Everything went well and we
got to come home. We had to wait on the results to see if Jazz was low or
high risk. ( low meaning she is responding to treatment well and little to
no leukemia left or high not responding well and need to change coarse of
treatment) On January 25, 2013 I called the doctor and she informed me that
Jazz was low risk which means 3 more rounds of what we did the first cycle!!
We celebrated with not one but two birthday parties...Jazzy turned 3 on
January 28, 2013. That same day we were admitted to start round 2.

We currently finished up round 2 and are getting to start round 3. Jazz is
doing well and her spirits remain high. Justin Jazzy' dad currently
unemployed, so he stays with Jazz 24/7. I'm currently 32 weeks pregnant with
another little girl so I had to go back to work not only for insurance
purposes but so I could save my maternity leave as well to be with both

Nothing can prepare any parent for the news that your child has cancer. This
came as such a shock to us. We put her to bed one night a perfectly normal,
healthy, little girl and the next morning our entire world was flipped
upside down. If it was not for the love and support that we have received I
think this journey would be much harder.

Justin, Jazz, and I would like to thank everyone and all the organizations
out there like prayer child who have helped us out financially during this
trying time. It makes it easier to focus on getting Jazz better. We pray
each and everyday not only for Jazzy's to make a full recovery but for
everyone we have met along the way. Prayer Child Foundation you are a true

Thank you,
The Jazzlene Inch Family
We'd like to thank Shooting Sports Academy for sponsoring the match.

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