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Think your vote doesn't matter? Think again.
It's been tough for PA conservatives to get excited about voting in presidential elections, since there's been little chance of winning the state. But a poll released by Susquehanna Polling & Research today shows Romney & Obama tied at 47% each! Susquehanna was as accurate or better than any other state polls in the 2008 presidential election and the 2010 senate and governor's races, so they have real credibility. Imagine, Pennsylvania tied! Obama's campaign must be panicking; if they lose PA, then Ohio is irrelevant.

Also, the enthusiasm gap is growing by leaps and bounds. I watched Romney's speech in Colorado last night. 17,000 people, a positive, energetic, heartfelt speech from Romney, and the crowd's energy and enthusiasm was off the charts. Many of us conservatives would crawl over broken glass to vote against Obama, but I'm even more eager now, knowing that my vote in PA could actually mean something!
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While this is good news, about 10 days ago Susquehanna showed Romney up +4...
I have lake front property in Arizona to sell too!
LOL, your butt-hurt responses in every thread because Ron Paul got smoked in the primaries is getting old.

I did read an article yesterday that your dude Johnson might cost Obama Colorado that would be good if you Johnson supporters could actually do something positive. Smile
Valorius;35186 Wrote:While this is good news, about 10 days ago Susquehanna showed Romney up +4...

Gee, how did I miss that - news that big would certainly have been widely covered in the media, wouldn't it? Rolleyes

This last poll was done mainly in the few days after the hurricane, so it might have a bump for the Obama & Christie dog-and-pony show. That bump is evaporating after the coverage of gas lines & looting, and Obama's "vote for revenge" comment.

Either way, just the fact that PA is in play is amazing. Hasn't happened for nearly 25 years.
scruff, proud to be a member of since Sep 2012.
Quote:With two days left before the election Mitt Romney leads in Colorado, Ohio and Minnesota and is tied up in Pennsylvania.

In Colorado, Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama 50-47 according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

The Tribune Review poll today has the race tied in Pennsylvania at 47. Romney is scheduled to campaign in the Philadelphia area on Sunday.

Mitt Romney leads Barack Obama by one point in Minnesota, effectively making the race there a toss-up, according to polling taken for the conservative American Future Fund.

In Michigan, Mitt Romney leads Obama, 47-46.

And, in Ohio Romney leads 49-46 in one poll. The Columbus Dispatch poll has the race too close to call in Ohio with Obama leading 50-48. Of course, the poll is heavily weighted – 40 percent Democrat, 36 percent Republican, 21 percent independent.

And, no one believes Democrats will have higher turnout than Republicans this year. Obama is already down 270,000 votes in Ohio – a state he won by 258,897 in 2008.

This is not good news for Barack Obama.
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ExcelToExcel;35213 Wrote:I have lake front property in Arizona to sell too!

You must be living next to George Strait. Big Grin
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