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This is not an arsenal
From Wasn't she portrayed as a prepper? That's no prepper ammo stash.

Quote:Dear liberal mainstream media: Adam Lanza did not have an arsenal.

Reports were released today that details parts of the investigation into Adam Lanza, the psychopath murderer who committed the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school. The big news of the day was the list of weapons used and weapons recovered from the Lanza home, a collection which is being called an “arsenal” and a “sophisticated weapons stash” and a “chilling inventory“. But is it really?
Weapons Recovered

Here’s the list of weapons recovered by police.
Recovered from Lanza’s Honda Civic:

One Saiga 12 Shotgun

Recovered from the Lanza home:

One Enfield Albian bolt action rifle*, .323 caliber
One Savage Mark II .22 LR

Recovered from Lanza himself:

One Bushmaster XM-15, .223 caliber
Glock 20, 10mm
SIG P226, 9mm

*Maybe someone can clue me in to what an Enfield Albian rifle is – did they mean a Lee-Enfield?

So what arsenal are they referring to? Surely not the six guns listed above? What am I missing here? Perhaps the crappy swords and knives they found? The BB gun? Most gun owners I know have many, many more firearms than the three rifles, one shotgun and two pistols above. Arsenal? Give me a break.

The media is also making a huge deal out of the amount of ammunition found in the Lanza home (well of course they are), but how much ammo was there really?
Ammunition Recovered

30 Winchester 12 gauge shotgun shells
8 boxes of Winchester Wildcat .22 LR, 50 per box for a total of 400 rounds
20 Estate 12 gauge shotgun shells
4 boxes of SB 12 gauge buckshot, 10 rounds per box for a total of 40 shells
1 box of Lightfield 12 gauge shotgun shells, presumably a box of 5
1 box of Prvi Partizan .303, 20 rounds
1 box of Federal .303, 20 rounds
2 boxes of Blazer .22 LR, 50 rounds each for a total of 100 rounds
2 boxes of PPU .45 ACP, 50 rounds per box for a total of 100 rounds
1 box of Remington .223, 20 rounds
3 boxes of Blazer .40 S&W, 50 rounds per box for a total of 150 rounds
2 boxes of Winchester 5.56, 20 rounds each for a total of 40 rounds
1 box of Magtech .45 ACP, 30 rounds
1 box of Fiocchi .45 ACP with 48 rounds
80 rounds of CCI .22 LR
6 boxes of PMC .223, 20 rounds each for a total of 120 rounds
6 Winchester 12 gauge buckshot shells
2 Remington 12 gauge slugs
3 Winchester .223 rounds
31 .22 LR rounds
2 boxes of Underwood 10mm, 50 rounds per box for a total of 100 rounds
130 rounds of Speer Lawman 9mm
1 rifle magazine with 10 rounds of .223
29 misc. 9mm rounds
2 shotgun magazines, each with 10 rounds for a total of 20 rounds


12 gauge shells: 123
.303 rounds: 40
5.56/.223 rounds: 193
.22 LR rounds: 611
Pistol rounds (various calibers): 587

If my math is off anywhere please let me know, but people who actually own guns and shoot regularly know that this isn’t a lot of ammo, especially when you consider that the bulk of it is .22 LR. You can see the scans of the search warrants here to see the full list of items recovered.

Perhaps I’m missing something, but where is this arsenal they speak of?
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scruff;92136 Wrote:Totals

12 gauge shells: 123
.303 rounds: 40
5.56/.223 rounds: 193
.22 LR rounds: 611
Pistol rounds (various calibers): 587

Yeah, that isn't alot at all.

To put it bluntly, just a little more than a federal bulk pack of 12 guage. Less than fifty rounds of a less than common caliber. Less than seven AR mags worth of ammo. A bit more than a federal bulk pack of .22, and a little pistol ammo.

Shit, if I were to take that on a range trip (pre shooting panic) I would have been home early.
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why did she have .40 and .45? she didn't have any guns that fired them. why wouldn't she have some boxes of 10mm?
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Evidently it works ey?
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Doesn't matter the quantities, it matters how big the list is.

It's the lots of presents at Christmas philosophy....little kids are happier and more excited if you spend $50 on various crap at the dollar store they will literally break within minutes of use and wrap them up as dozens of packages, vs spending $500 on a single item that they didn't ask for.

If what he has is an arsenal, than what I have is an armory and I don't have near as much as the rest of you guys.
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That is an arsenal to most people. Most gun owners own at most 2 or three hunting guns and possibly a handgun, and lucky if they have a complete box of shells for any of them.
To non gun owners it’s crazy to own anything even close to what was on that list. It’s normal to own 5 sets of golf clubs, not guns. City people just need to stfu and let the police protect them.
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I had the same thought as Connal. That would just about make a decent day at the range.
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