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This went a step too far

Let me preface this to say that when I had a cake business, my personal guideline was that I refused to make any cake design I couldn't explain to my kids if they opened the fridge.

I don't care who ordered it, gay or straight, I would refuse to make a gay Ernie and Bert cake. The government couldn't make me. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't make a Bert and Prairie Dawn lover cake if that makes anybody feel better.

You cannot force people to make sex themed cakes. Period. Makes me mad, because this has nothing to do with the customer and everything to do with the theme of the cake. This is similar to the baker who refused to write Hitler on the kids birthday cake....but noooooo he didn't get into trouble for that one!

Quote:A Christian baker is facing a government investigation after he refused to make a cake that portayed two Sesame Street characters as gay lovers.

The trouble started when a gay rights group asked the Ashers Baking Company to make a cake celebrating gay rights.

They also wanted the bakery to take – some rather creative liberties with Ernie and Bert.

******* updated....this happened in Ireland. My mistake. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it happened here. The baker has also refused other risqué cake orders in the past, although this technically wasn't risqué although having Bert and Ernie represent a gay group feels perverted if you are used to it being a kids show.
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Was Patrick Stewart in charge of the cake shop? What!?!? No, " man-on-man lemon meringue."
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I think we can all agree that a government forcing you to make homoerotic drawings (with cake icing) of child characters from a children's show is wrong.

I hope.
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The government forcing anyone to make anything for anybody is wrong.

People should have the right not to use a business for any reason they chose and businesses should have the right to not to have to cater to anyone they please for any reason they think fits their business model or their personal taste.

Let a free market sort out the bad businesses. Let businesses that fill a niche be allowed to grow. If there was a market for pornographic gay pastry, then there would be a Fruitcake Penises R Us on every corner.
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So if the baker is being investigated, does this mean the government supports copyright infringement?
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Oh yes, I can see the pornography and lewdness.

It's against the law to discriminate against gays in northern Ireland, except when it comes to gay marriage. So my care factor is pretty low. I was just curious about how horrible this cake was. I was expecting Bert to have Ernie bent over a table.

I'm disappointed.

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LOL THAT was the cake?!?

First being 'forced' to serve browny and now this. The end of us all must be close Rolleyes
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I am curious if the baker will be forced by the government to violate copyright laws and decorate a cake using the licensed characters this homosexual man demands.

And would Sesame Street Workshop lawyers be branded anti-gay if they decided to enforce their copyright to prevent this cake from being made, or could the government tell them to "pound sand" because a gay person wants a gay themed cake using those characters, and refusing to comply would be "immoral"?
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What would our founders say? Excluding Hamilton of course.
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