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Threat of plastic guns grows
This reminds me of the "plastic gun scare" I often heard and read about when Glock pistols first came out. Rolleyes

Quote:Threat of plastic guns grows as undetectable firearm law set to expire

Federal law enforcement authorities are raising concerns new, futuristic 3-D printed guns made entirely out of plastic could pose a myriad of security threats across the U.S., as a law banning undetectable firearms is set to expire.

3-D industrial printers that can create plastic models and prototypes can make workable guns that can't be picked up by metal detectors, and officials say they could pose a threat to countless government institutions, schools and other buildings.

A longtime ban on undetectable firearms is scheduled to expire Dec. 9 and two Democratic senators, Chuck Schumer of New York and Bill Nelson of Florida, have called for a ban on plastic guns. Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., also has introduced legislation on the issue.

"The expiration of this law, combined with advances in 3-D printing, make what was once a hypothetical threat into a terrifying reality," said Schumer. "We are actively exploring all options to pass legislation that will eliminate the problem."

In a meeting with reporters Wednesday, agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said plastic guns present a special challenge for law enforcement agencies.

The agents said that in order to comply with current law, a person manufacturing a gun must use a certain amount of metal in the finished product so that the firearm is detectable by scanners at airports, federal buildings, sporting events -- any place where security screening is in place. If the law expires, someone could legally make and sell firearms that are undetectable.

A loophole in the existing law allows someone to make an illegal gun legal by simply attaching a removable metal piece to the weapon. That piece could be removed if someone wanted to sneak the weapon into a protected location.

Israel's legislation would require certain major components of a gun be made of metal.

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And the criminals will certainly follow this law. Rolleyes
bac0nfat;125446 Wrote:And the criminals will certainly follow this law. Rolleyes

Well, of course they will... criminals are scared of laws! That's why the never break them!
Take assassins out of the equation..... the people committing the majority of the violent crime in the United States would never have access to this technology or these weapons unless they traded them for heroin from your junkie kid who stole it out of your closet.
So if there's an "existing law", how are these guys currently able to legally "print" these non-metal handguns?
Emptymag;125504 Wrote:So if there's an "existing law", how are these guys currently able to legally "print" these non-metal handguns?

You have to put a block of metal somewhere in/on it. Good thing we have that requirement, otherwise bad guys would be hijacking planes left and right. Hopefully the bad guys don't figure out that they can just skip that step, and the gun will still work. Shhhh, it's a secret!
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Where will they find plastic ammo?
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TheWolff;125517 Wrote:Where will they find plastic ammo?

Then reloaded with plastic bullets or:
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