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Tim Wise: The Self Hating White Male Liberal Poster Child
Perhaps I'm just a glutton for self punishment, but I like to listen to hardline conservatives as well as the worst of the worst bleeding heart liberals for insight into the way their mind operates like watching tapes from behind enemy lines. So while I was browsing the interwebs tonight I put on this hour long diatribe\interview with Tim Wise in the background.

I seriously don't understand how this guy wakes up in the morning looks in the mirror, and doesn't immediately blow his own brains out if he actually believes what comes out of his mouth. From what I've been able to gather this guy is rich trust fund baby and a "community activist" like Obama who never worked a real job, lived in a shitty neighborhood or produced a product or service anybody was ever interested in. His "job" is to go from college campus to college campus brainwashing kids and fomenting white guilt and general liberal self hatred. Over the course of the interview he:

-Blames racist white people for the 2008 economic crisis.

-Complains about how Obama isn't socialist enough.

-Admits to being a communist.

-Praises Trayvon's right to stand his ground and bash Zimmerman's head into the ground.

-Complains about the media releasing the facts about the Trayvon case.

-Implies conservatives are all racists.

And on and on and on...

I really don't understand if this is really the way liberals think, that they themselves have so much privilege and unknowingly oppress everyone around them by their very existence, why don't they just save the world the trouble and end themselves on the spot? Listening to that guy I can see why depression is an epidemic among liberals and college students it's no wonder they are afraid of guns. If you guys have ever seen or heard this Tim Wise character, do you think he really believes this shit that he says... or do you think he's just saying it because it lets him carry on making millions brainwashing kids and selling books while selling himself out like a prostitute? I really don't see how this guy can believe this shit, I really don't.
The forum poster formerly known as Emoticon...
Is he gay? He'd have to be gay to the be the liberal poster child.

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