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Title II StreetSweeper?
My old head friend is willing to sell me his streetsweeper at a fairly decent price ($800)+ $200 tax stamp, it's a DD. So I want to pick it up. I talked to him today and finally convinced him to show it to me and convinced him to sell it Big Grin. He is getting up there in age and I really want something meaningful from him. Great convo piece when I have kids down the road. You guys know what I mean.. Not sounding mean hate to say it but everyone dies. He knows I will truely apprechiate it. Here's my question. How does the process go with one of these purchasing from someone and not a dealer? Do we go to a FFL do the transaction and then I go home and send the ATF all the appopriate paper work? Does the FFL hold on to it until I get cleared? What if I dont get cleared, get my money back for gun and tax fee? Can I send in the paperwork for it before I "purchase it" just to see if I get cleared? Is it even a good idea to do it right now with all the gun contol bs going on? If it becomes illegal to purchase while waiting does the gov conficate it from the FFL when they find out I'm waiting approval?

Any info will be nice. Thankyou.

Btw these are selling online between 1200-1800 now.
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pretty sure you need to go through an ffl that deals with nfa items. if you can purchase "regular" stuff, you can clear this as well.
you do know it's at least a 6 month wait ti get the stamp............and at this point i wouldn't hold your breath on the 6month thing. i'm sure people are sending papers in like crazy now.
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