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Toomey: no second try on gun bill
Quote:Toomey: no second try on gun bill

WASHINGTON -- Could the senate and Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey take a second shot at passing the background check bill that fell short last week?

The New York Times reported today that Toomey's co-sponsor, Sen. Joe Manchin (D., W.Va.) was working Toomey and others to try to tweak the bill and maybe win over the last, needed votes.

But Toomey doesn't see much hope for that idea.

"My own view is very simple: the senate has had its vote. We’ve seen the outcome of that vote. I am not aware of any reason to believe that if we had the vote again that we’d have a different outcome," Toomey, a Republican, said in a conference call with reporters Friday afternoon. "If that were to change my guess is (Senate Majority Leader Harry) Reid would consider having another vote."

Toomey has consistently said he plans to return to the fiscal and economic issues that have long been his focus. He said so the night of the vote, the day after, and two days after.

"Until we have such reason to believe that we’d have a different outcome I think the issue is resolved by the senate," Toomey said Friday. "I accept when the senate speaks and so I’ve turned my attention to the fiscal and economic matters that I’ve normally focused on."

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I think during his national background check campaign, he realized he pissed off way too many people but it was too late for him to turn back at that point and cause himself major embarrassment. He knows if he tries to go through with this again, he'll probably lose more republican/conservative votes and liberals will just vote for the democrat running against him. Toomey knows he messed up and he's using the economy as his scapegoat, especially in order to try to get conservative/republicans back on his "good side". Dodgy
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I wonder if he will put his money where his mouth is next year. I hate friggin' politics.
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Al Bundy.
He has already lost my vote and there is nothing he can do to get it back..

What a turn coat, he made his bed now he can sleep in it
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