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[Trade] Want to trade my Complete LMT Lower for your Beretta 92FS or Desert Eagle
I am on the fence with this offer, but I want to put it out there for consideration...

Anyone interested in trading your Beretta 92FS (M9 or Inox) or a Desert Eagle .50AE or .44mag for my complete LMT Lower Assembly with East Coast Gun Sales roll marks? My lower is built with a PSA LPK, Ergo pistol grip and PSA T6 stock.

I am only willing to cash offers. Other trades possible..doesn't hurt to ask. I'd like to trade even up but may consider a reasonable lower plus cash offer.

East Pittsburgh area for pistol transfer at a local gun store. Current LTCF only to take possession of the lower!

[Image: 20p1pnl.jpg]

Hit me up with trade offers...worst I can say is NO!
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