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Training "blind"
A side discussion in another thread made me think of this. For everyone that wears some kind of corrective lenses. Have you practiced shooting without them?

Can you hit a human size target between 5 and 15 yards reliably without your lenses? I've done this a couple of times at the range just to see if I could. It isn't hard, but it does take some practice.
Yes, I believe it is important to practice for common scenarios, and blinking a contact out in a struggle or waking up without your contacts or glasses nearby is something I imagine is very possible. I don't want to be hampered by my reliance on something like that anyway.

Now this is for handgun and close up shotgun shooting, my long range skills would deteriorate pretty quickly until I had enough time to jury rig a pinhole blind and tape it to my eyes since I can't use glasses. But that would only be an issue in a long term SHTF scenario.

Great topic.
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Yes I can. But my eyesight is just starting to go a little south on me so my corrective lenses are not needed for most situations.
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This is something EVERYONE should do at least once... even if you don't wear eyeglasses. What most civvies don't realize is that in any kind of a prolonged fight indoors, you're going to get so much cordite/powder residue and smoke in your eyes that they're going to be stinging and watering in no time.

Another thing people don't think about is all the brass that will be laying everywhere. Stepping on a floor covered in brass while you're running is a good way to fall on your ass, says the ex infantryman that once fell on his ass in a MOUT exercise many years ago when he was not watching where he was stepping in the middle of a MILES firefight. Big Grin
I do, but realistically speaking my vision isn't that bad when uncorrected. I'd have a lot of trouble reading small print up close. The dash on my car is fuzzy, but I can still read it. The printed words on my laptop screen at roughly arms length or so... hopeless, can't make out a thing.

I am also relatively ambidextrous and regularly shoot a pistol from both hands. And I always take my glasses off to shoot through a scope anyway.

My vision issue is astigmatism, and I find that my glasses provide so little correction at distances of 100 yards or greater that I can see just as well without them. In fact I often take them off while driving. I can still read highway signs from 1/4 mile away or so.

In a SHTF situation, if I lost my glasses completely I wouldn't be able to read books and magazines, but everything else is pretty good.
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This is one good argument for learning another form of shooting. One that doesn't require the use of your sights at all.

I attended an Instinctive shooting course a couple years ago. First thing we did was put tape over the front and back sights. It never came off the rest of the course.

We started off up close, and ended up shooting from about 15 yards away. I was able to keep everything on a paper plate. Honestly I was totally amazed at this.

To finally show us that it worked. He had us fire moving down the range. I fired four rounds at each target while moving and at the end of the string, was told I had put every round on the paper plates. (video down below)

So, I'm confident that I can fire my firearm without using my sights. But man are you going to be a blurry target. Angel (Another thing I like about my laser. I can see that red dot without my glasses.)

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A laser is a good way to train yourself to point shoot also. Over time, you get so accustomed to pointing the dot at the target, that you just naturally draw right on target automatically, even when the laser is not activated.

Of course you need to practice a won't just happen because your gun has a laser on it.
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I inadvertenly started to practice shooting without my glasses when I forgot to pack my corrective lens shooting glasses one range day.

Got me into the habit of doing dry fire and live without the glasses. So far not bad.

The other rifles at distance I can see my sights, but not up close Sad

With pistols its the grip and the trigger pull that do the bulk of the work. Besides I just focus on the front sight so everything is more blurry to begin with Ninja
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Without my glasses. It is blur city. Sever Astigmatism in both eyes. Heck, even Lasik won't work for me.

This is where a laser really comes in handy. Even with my glasses off, I can see that red dot and where it is located well enough to place good shoots on target. If you "need" glasses, I would highly recommend getting a laser put on your pistol. Everyone that wears glasses knows that if your in a confrontation, the first thing that goes flying every time are your glasses.

It is just one of Newtons Laws. "Your glasses will always break or fall off when you need them the most."
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In the beginning a Patriot is a scarce man, Hated, Feared and Scorned; but in time, when his cause succeeds, the timid join them, because then it cost nothing to be a Patriot.... Mark Twain.
Im gonna try this as I'm near sighted.However if we want real life experience, who has ever shot without hearing protection? I came close, by that I mean shooting a rifle with the headset half cocked on your ears while getting a cheek weld
I don't think its a good idea to do continuously but once maybe to experience
Sorry for the hijack
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