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TSA to allow some knives, golf clubs on planes
Oh god.. We can now carry pocket knives that we could carry before.. But no water bottles.

Listen to this whining little bitch..

Only morons think that it matters. A steel pen can be used to kill you, you dumb bitch.
ExcelToExcel;86266 Wrote:Only morons think that it matters. A steel pen can be used to kill you, you dumb bitch.

Hells yeah, it's the suggested method of self defense against a crazed gunman. They've even said so.

[Image: 1zvqwdk.jpg]
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Meh. Most FFers have carried 'tactical pens' for years. And I know from multiple first hand as well as 2nd hand experience that for some reason the TSA turned a blind eye towards them. Now that the cockpits are pretty much secure anyone trying a 9/11 style attacks can only cause limited damage in the back.

Next danger will be explosives shipped in the cargo holds. Most don't know the USPS uses commercial planes to send mail / packages. I know there was a push to better inspect cargo but think its still a gaping hole in the system - pun intended.
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