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Tuckable IWB Holsters
Who has 'em and how do you like 'em?

I've had a Blade Tech Ultimate Concealment holster for the past several years and have been a huge fan of this holster, until yesterday when the clip cracked and broke.

This time 'round I wanted a leather holster so I ordered a handmade one from gonna take 6 to 8 weeks to get it though. In the mean time I've also ordered one from which should be here in about a week.

[Image: 20121004_152943Small.jpg]

[Image: 20121004_152957Small.jpg]

[Image: 20121004_153018Small.jpg]
Hummm, 31 views no comments, no one uses a IWB holster here?
Keep your pants onTongue

I have an RGrizzle for my 226 and a CBST for my P30 (you might have seen'em with all the pic whoring I've been doing). That said, I like the ST, A LOT more. Yes, the 226 is a little bigger, not by much though, and it looks like I have a tumor on my hip. The ST on the other hand, you'd never know, seriously.

Thats just the concealment part, then we get to comfort. Another nod for the ST. The RGrizzle is stiff and doesnt give much or form to your shape like the ST does. You guys with more padding might not mind so much. I'm a little more bone than cusion in that area (1:30-3:00). I refuse to go past 3:00, I'm not putting my arm/hand behind my back. Not a good position to be in in the middle of a fight IMO. I mention 4-5:00 because CB as well as some other Co's. suggest this position for comfort and concealability.

Price, another win for the ST

Craftsmanship, quality, beauty, finally one for the RGrizzle. Dont really give a shit about this last one though if the comfort and concealability isnt there. Well, aside from qaulity, obviously. And thats not to say the ST isnt good quality, it very much is. They are completely different animals though. One is a hand made, from scratch, gun leather holster. The other one is a piece of kydex slapped on a piece of leather with two metal belt clips. Pretty simple and not much craftsmanship involved. Which is why the RG takes that category. And, the reason why it loses in the cost category. Mind you, I have no problem paying top dollar for a hand made American product. I was merely stating one was cheaper than the other.

So I guess thats my comparo of the two tuckables I have. I suppose the ideal thing would be if they were both for the same gun but, thats what I got.

You always read about these guys praising their high quality gunleather, well I'm not impressed and I'll take my ST any day of the week. The issue is the cant on the RG, its too much. Its the back of the slide, rear sight and, hammer that sticks out like a MF. Maybe if it was adjustable somehow or just a little less, I would like it more. I could give a little too in the comfort dept. if I could conceal with the damn thing. Keep in mind, summers just about over and I'm talkin shorts, t-shirts, polos, summer attire ya know. Now that hoody weather is just about upon us, it will get a second chance. I just wish I could use it year round.

Oh and uh, never tucked either of'em

Whats going in your RG? Depending on what it is, you may fare better than I. This wasnt meant as a shit session either, you mentioned you were getting one, I shared my experiences. I'm sure there are plenty of happy customers. Hopefully you'll be on of'em.
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A very heavy Ruger SP101 is going in the holster.
i have carried a browning hipower in a bianchi iwb leather holster for the last 10 years. still using it
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SB, which one did you go with? Mine is the SDR, (stock photo from the site).
[Image: C819144E-CF8D-451F-A9F0-96B5A5B199D4-390...2983BB.jpg]

The City Slickers look like they would solve my issue (adjustable cant)
[Image: 0E3BF8F7-2FB6-41CC-AEE9-B37EA1C839B5-390...252357.jpg]
[Image: C9B91E59-37B0-468A-85FB-D218881D8F6E-390...520F97.jpg]

Thinkin I'll try something from next though.
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soberbyker;19676 Wrote: Hummm, 31 views no comments, no one uses a IWB holster here?

Real estate has become a commodity in there Confused
I've been using OWB kydex lately but I do have some good IWB holsters. Raven Phantom is always a good choice. Last week I got a sweet little tuckable from RKBA Holsters. I don't tuck but this model seemed like exactly what I needed in a easy on/easy off holster. Just a simple design executed well. (pic from website, I didn't take any pics of mine yet)

[Image: _wsb_172x129_Tuckable+IWB.jpg]
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I have a crossbreed supertuck that works very well. I too had a belt loop hook break on mine when I first got it. They replaced it no charge, and when they did, they had changed from a plastic to a metal belt loop. It works really well, pretty easy to tuck if I undo my pants fist.

Fist belt loops that I had. These were plastic.
[Image: 251270245_NYpC3-M.jpg]

Here is the second one that I got from them and that they issue all the time now. These are metal. I wear it daily, taking it on and off during the course of the day. These belt loops work very well, hold good, and feel like they should never break.
[Image: 347636645_vCxxo-L.jpg]

I was also using a Highnoon holster for my KAHR CW9. I liked how easy it went on and off. It was tuckable and hid the pistol nicely too. But it felt a bit thick on my hips with such a small pistol. But I have since went with a supertuck for the KAHR too. This combination literally disappears on my hip. I wear it to work, and no one ever notices that I am carrying.
[Image: 463921482_esLas-M.jpg]
[Image: 123axip.png]
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I use the crossbreed supertuck as well. I absolutely love it. The most comfortable holster I have ever used, hands down. Well worth the money and the 6 week wait. I went with all the standard options. The photo shows the metal belt clips that it comes with now. (Photo below)

[Image: IMG_6916_zpsfa73efcb.jpg]

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GreenBlood10;20079 Wrote:I went with all the standard options.

Me too. I did a home combat cut job though. Much easier to draw from now. Not that it was hard before but, that extra leather is really unnecessary in that area and kinda blocks your thumb from getting around the grip.

Take a pencil and draw a sweeping line from the beavertail to the where the trigger guard meets the grip (on the leather). In your top pic, and the bottom one really, the top is just a closer in picture, you can kinda imagine the line I mean and sweep it into the existing edge of the leather near the belt clip. Holster the gun to get an idea if you got your mark right. If its acceptable start cutting. I used a utility knife and it worked fine. An Exacto would do the trick too. Take off a little at a time, once its gone its gone. Put the holster and gun back on to check if you want more off between cuts.

Much better IMO.
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