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Two important bills - take action
(02-24-2017, 10:12 AM)longcall911 Wrote: Thanks for your work on this.  There are a great many misunderstandings by the people in those videos.  There's too much for me to take on in detail right now, as I'm already late for an appointment, but I need to at least get the basics out.

Here is the bill itself...

Basic Points
  • HR38 is not the same bill that was introduced in past years
  • HR38 is not perfect, but pretty damn close
  • HR38 is so very simple.  It says that if a state allows concealed carry, it must recognize all others that do, without limitation. So visitors are not subject to magazine restrictions, etc.
  • HR38 does not even require a carry permit, but rather, a valid ID and not being prohibited is sufficient
Some other points
  • This does not give the feds additional power.  It resolves contradiction at the federal level.  Feds are supposed to protect our rights.  Our rights do not end at the state line.  SCOTUS has ruled that states can regulate.  So they do.  Federal law must now restrict that regulation.
  • As for "what happens if Dems take control again?". . . give me break.  HR38 is all they need?  It's a joke.  They plan a total ban and some are worried they could misuse a law that prohibits states from restricting our rights?  The argument is absurd.
  • HR38 does not lead to a registry.  Feds would have nothing to do with permitting.  It remains a state process.
Here's the issue as I see it.  Some are opposed because they want "their pet issue" addressed instead.  Well, their pet issue is not being considered right now.  Donald Trump did not run on their pet issue.  He ran on National Reciprocity.  But we have people on our side who would stand in the way, simply because they feel their idea or approach is better.  In fairness, it could be.  But theirs is not anywhere near a reality.  It takes tens of millions of dollars and thousands of manhours to get a bill enacted.  These people who complain are in no position to make their pet issue a reality, but they will deny a good bill from becoming reality to satisfy their own ego or agenda.

This is a good bill, and it is being fought for by many.  We have a real chance at making it happen.  People can be a part of it and able to say they helped, or they can oppose for some self-serving reason, complain, and look foolish later when everyone realizes that there was nothing to complain about.

Gotta go.  Thanks...

I've read through the bill and it is simple.  I like the idea, if for nothing else than a step back to where we should be.  After 30 years of seeing how government works from the military side and longer via reading history and seeing what our politicians have done, I have a very strong distrust of government.  Even if government is paying me so I can pay my bills.  I do look forward to further discussion on this.  Take care.
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