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U.S. Scrambles to Retrieve Ebola Patients
halftrack;150935 Wrote:Physicians are seeing every Ebola patient and that significantly raises their level of exposure many times over that of the average individual. They are also exposed to all the body fluids of all those patients, which is how it's spread.

Ebola spreads in a manner similar to most non-airborne viral illnesses. If it was airborne (hope it doesn't get to that) I would think we'd see a shitload more cases. I won't pretend it's not dangerous, but so far, it hasn't been ZOMG! enough to kill the whole damn city. Shrug

If we want to equate it to polio or Hep, I'd say those virii are more dangerous than Ebola, just by the numbers.

Polio and hep are spread the same way. It'll take time but ebola will get here and if there us no cure many will die but I suspect we'll have some treatment or vaccine.
TBH, I'd be a whole lot more concerned about an airborne virus like flu.

We watched H1N1 and saw it hit younger patients like a jackhammer, but it didn't get out of control the way the Spanish flu did. Those patients who did develop serious illness took a LOT of resources to care for. Ventilators and ECMO for long periods of time.

We have nowhere near enough ventilators to care for an H1N1 or Spanish flu if it hits epidemic proportions.

Don't get me wrong; even a mild spread of Ebola here could be a righteous pain in the ass to deal with.
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First of all, the whole "airborne virus" thing is simply not accurate. Flu virus, just like Ebola, spreads by droplet. If someone with flu sneezes in your face it's the droplets carrying the virus that are the source.

With Ebola, what's causing these massive outbreaks is the fact that these rustic type sub Saharan folk think hugs and dancing cures disease. Just like they think raping a virgin, even infants, cures HIV. Where there is little to no hygiene, there is more death by pathogens. No hand washing after touching infected walkers or when handling their corpses is the number one cause of this spread.

Following the same guidelines as you do in flu season is more than enough to protect you. Flu has killed more people so far this year than Ebola has since it was discovered. Yes, Ebola is scary because there is currently no vaccine or cure. But it does have about a 70% survival rate even in Liberia, where they just drop trow and shit next to their water source.

Unless it was weaponized and crop dusted through the town, everyone can just calm the hell down.
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halftrack;150941 Wrote:
das;150937 Wrote:I got ya Camper BUT virus" mutate constantly no one can know if or when it could become more dangerous or God forbid air born. You mentioned that THEY PUT THEMSELVES at risk, therefore they should not have taken the slightest chance in bringing them back to the U.S. they could have just as easily brought what they need to them in isolation at a hospital in Africa.

Point taken, but they're still waiting for avian flu to mutate to a form that transmits from human to human. Not to say it won't happen, but it's not as commonplace as people might want to believe. Ebola may mutate to go airborne one day, but so far it has not.

Any caregiver that sees these patients is at higher risk than gen pop. That's a given. Nature of the profession. If we didn't want to assume that risk, we'd get out of health care.

It's far easier to study this bad boy on home turf with all the lab facilities and diagnostics than it is to see him in makeshift facilities over there. Besides, you don't really think they brought him here just to treat him, do you? Here's a real live human incubator for weapons R&D . Wink

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Ten*K;150955 Wrote:First of all, the whole "airborne virus" thing is simply not accurate. Flu virus, just like Ebola, spreads by droplet. If someone with flu sneezes in your face it's the droplets carrying the virus that are the source.
True, we call them airborne because they spread through the air via aerosol particles. Our isolation for such things is just called "airborne precautions." Shrug

If the little buggers could ride air currents all by themselves, we'd all be dead from any number of things by now. LOL

Gixxer, I'm sure we already have some on hand, but this might be a better chance to study a live patient and get a fresh batch.
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This smells of The League of Shadows!

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steelcityk9cop;150965 Wrote:This smells of The League of Shadows!

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If only. I'd donate.
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I bet you the reason they mailed these guys back to the US is because the CDC wants to study the live virus in a real human host to confirm some theories to help them with their weaponized version of Ebola which probably exists in some vault somewhere. I'm surprised there isn't already a race by the crackpot nations like DPRK and Iran to kidnap these infected people so they can culture their own strains of virus to threaten the western world with.
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