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Unbelievable logic.
Store Posts ‘No Guns’ Sign after Armed Customer Saves Manager being Stabbed

Quote:On March 12, 2014, 29 year old Lamont Williams walked into Keith’s Superstore in Lumberton, Mississippi. He had a knife when he confronted the store manager whose name has been withheld. Williams began stabbing the manager when a shopper with a concealed carry weapon pulled his gun and stopped the attack. Williams tried to flee the store, but the armed citizen managed to hold him at gunpoint until the police arrived. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The entire incident was captured on the store video surveillance. It showed the stabbings and the timely intervention of the armed shopper who has only been identified as a white male in his 30s. No shots were fired, but the presence of the legal weapon most likely saved the life of the store manager who was treated for eight stab wounds to his neck, chest and arm.

At the time, there were no signs barring guns from the store premises, but that has been rectified according to the store owners who have now posted a sign reading ‘No Guns Allowed.’
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Rather be stabbed to death, I guess.

Words don't describe it . . . . . .
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A simple "thanks" would have sufficed.
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Oh well, fuck you then, ungrateful asshole.
The sign basically looks like this...

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That's a 1911? So, we can bring Glocks? Damn, I shouldn't have sold mine.
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Ungrateful idiot....some kind of thanks THAT is for saving a life. Geez.

Just goes to show how brainless and ignorant the "left" can be....would rather drink the kool-aid than to actually think rationally.
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ByblosHex;150059 Wrote:That's a 1911? So, we can bring Glocks? Damn, I shouldn't have sold mine.

That's a Beretta, I think it's mean to keep out Bruce Willis.

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