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Quote:Something to keep in mind in regards to firearms manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, etc. moving their operations: the economic loss to the state is far greater than those jobs would indicate.

For instance, Remington is seriously negotiating to move out of New York, with five other states, as a result of Cuomo’s ill-considered ramming through of his new idiot bills.

Remington is the economic mainstay business of Ilion, New York. True, they’d perhaps directly lose perhaps 2,500 jobs, but consider how many other people depend on those jobs for their livelihood.

If those folks move, there goes the income for the firefighters and cops (not as many needed), the real estate agents, the car dealers, the grocers, the clothiers, etc. etc. Ilion will become a ghost town.

....Mag-Pul and its subsidiary suppliers may actually only move 800 jobs directly out of Colorado, but figure, at minimum, double that in lost jobs.

Then, how about the loss to the state in the form of property tax, sales tax, vehicle tax, gasoline tax, etc? These politicians think Mag-Pul is bluffing. I assure you they are not.

Neither are Remington, Beretta, etc.
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