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URGENT: 2 Reportedly Killed in Shooting at Oregon Mall
jshwak;51880 Wrote:
glocke12;51876 Wrote:So, say someone entered the mall carrying concealed, not giving a crap about the signs, was there when this happened and was able to shoot and kill the guy with the rifle....

Thoughts on any potential ramifications for the good citizen who shot the bad guy?

I was thinking about this myself... My biggest concern would be the police coming in and killing the good guy Confused

I think that would be the #1 concern and something very likely to happen. Second to that it all depends on the particular state laws and how well protected an establishment with a no guns sign is within that state. I am not all that familiar with laws outside of PA but from what I've gathered, ignoring a sign like that could get you into some serious hot water in some other states.
The law? The law is a human institution...
glocke12;51900 Wrote:
Spacemanvic;51894 Wrote:Typical HuffPo group-think:

The stupid, it burns!!

hope a gun rights person is over there replying..military style weaponry we don't have access to...military look alikes sure...but than again replace AR15 with a 30 caliber semi-auto hunting rifle of your choice, or a lever action gun and the outcome would have been similar, just less shots fired, but with potentially more deaths due to the larger caliber and if it was someone who actually knew how to shoot.

That last part is something that always stands out to me.

These loonies shoot sometimes hUndreds of round, and only land a few hits. Now, I'm glad more people were not hurt. But what would happen if it were someone who practiced?

They try to demonize us gun owners who do it for sport. But I swear these sick sick people must have never shot the guns they use before they decide to go off the deep end.
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Fortunately, bad guys usually suck.
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Police are being tight lipped but evidently they've identified the shooter now and have come to the conclusion that the weapon he use, an AR, was stolen.

[quote]PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — The gunman who killed two people and himself in a shooting rampage at an Oregon mall was 22 years old and used a stolen rifle from someone he knew, authorities said Wednesday.

Jacob Tyler Roberts had armed himself with an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle and had several fully loaded magazines when he arrived at a Portland mall on Tuesday, said Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts.

The sheriff said the rifle jammed during the 22-year-old's attack, but he managed to get it working again. He later shot himself. Authorities don't yet have a motive but don't believe he was targeting specific people.[/quote}
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