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US cargo plane crash in Afghanistan kills 7
My brother thinks that's what it was as well....he's an ATC and also worked in airports for years before that, did a lot of airline photography, and took some flight lessons.

I read somewhere too that possibly a load came unsecured and slid back to the tail area abruptly during the takeoff.

Some others are saying too steep of a takeoff. It does look pretty steep.

As a side note, my bro says that all the drama about the ATC is much ado about nothing.....
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I've been reading about this on another forum where one of the members was there, assigned to that airfield, and watched the crash. He said it has been reported that the pilot's last transmission was about a load shift. He also said he thought there were supposed to be 5 MRAP vehicles on board, weighing about 13 tons each. Having 13 to 65 tons of cargo suddenly shift to the rear at takeoff would easily be catastrophic.

He said he could hear the pilot suddenly go full power, with the engines making a noise he couldn't believe. He also said, although it was overcast, wind conditions on the tarmac were calm, leading him to suspect a CG shift.

Seven people. Damn. Rest in peace.
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And the load shift suddenly to the tail would have made the take off way too steep (pushes the nose up) and thus would stall the plane.

So very sad.
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