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US SB2068 - Total Ban On All Non 'Personalized' Guns Within 3 years
What a piece of crap this thing is:

'Beginning on the date that is 2 years after the date of enactment of this Act, no person may manufacture in the United States a handgun that is not a personalized handgun.'


'Beginning on the date that is 3 years after the date of enactment of this Act, no person may distribute in commerce any handgun that is not a personalized hand gun or a retrofitted personalized handgun.'

So by 3 after passed all handguns that aren't personalized would be outlawed .... talk about a gun ban!
Bill is sponsored by "Things Remembered" at the mall.
"Comments On This Bill:

We want you to speak your mind but please keep your comments 'family friendly"

Elizabeth Warren can go fuck herself with a mortar round. Markey can go drown in a bucket of HIV.

What a bunch of fags.
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They party with the Mayor of Toronto don't they?
I'm pretty sure this is blatant treason.
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That Bill would put undue financial burden on gun owners. It is an unrealistic goal so lets turn good, honest, law abiding gun owners into criminals. The lengths these people will people will stoop to is outrageous. Like a responsible gun owner I keep all my firearms that arent on my hip in a safe, therefore why do I need to "personalize" my firearms. Cant an older weapon even be converted to this B.S.?

Philadelphia Patriot;137131 Wrote:I'm pretty sure this is blatant treason.
Maybe its time to storm these assholes offices and talk some common sense into them. I'm sick and tired of this crap as many gun owners are I bet.
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As always, start with the police, military and personal protection details. We wouldn't want to see such great technology only used to "protect" common peasants. Dodgy

Think of the Storm Troopers.
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Now I have an excuse to get those ivory white grips for my Beretta to personalize it.
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Gotta go pick up a few Sharpie markers.....
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Does skateboard tape count?
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