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Which one appeals to you more?

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I shoot IDPA.  I like the more everyday life senerios.
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I prefer USPSA because of the larger field stages.
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I believe that USPSA is a game that allows much more freedom for the shooter to decide how he/she will complete the stage. IDPA is a bit more restrictive with the rules and the decisions that are left up to he shooter.

Honestly, I have not shot either USPSA or IDPA. I have studied both games and their rules as well as attended several matches as a spectator. If I has to choose..... It would be USPSA because I believe that game fits more inline with how I like to shoot.
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I'm partial to IDPA. USPSA seems like more of an equipment race. However, I'm not against giving it a shot.

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bigdawgbeav;10534 Wrote:I'm partial to IDPA. USPSA seems like more of an equipment race. However, I'm not against giving it a shot.

I have shot both. IDPA "tries" to be a bit more realistic. Limiting shots, types of firearm you're allowed to use, the amount of ammo you can have on you, forcing you to use cover when available, making you keep track of all your ammo (no dumping mags on the ground if there is still ammo in them).

USPSA is pretty much the opposite of what I wrote above. Guns can be totally tricked out, carry as much ammo as you can get on your belt, etc...

USPSA is probably more intense or fun, depending on how you look at it. You can shoot 20 rounds or more in one stage. It lets you figure out how "you" want to shot the course, while IDPA forces you to to shoot it a certain way.

Both are fun. But are different. Find one you like, then try the other one. If your trying to work on your self defense techniques. IDPA is the way to go. If your out to sharpen your shooting skills in general. USPSA usually ends up shooting way more ammo.
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