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Vegas officer kills family.
Only police should have guns they said, people will be safer they said.

Quote:(CNN) -- Even for stone-faced, seen-it-all-before officers, the act that took place at a police lieutenant's Las Vegas-area home Monday was deeply distressing.
The 52-year-old lawman, police said, killed his wife and child, called 911 to say he was burning his house down and warned he would take the life of anyone who tried to stop him.
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At least he went home at the end of his sh.....oh, shit.
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To protect (himself) and serve (his own self interests).
Cause officers are the best-trained, never have mental health problems, never violate the law - or people's rights, and would never harm their family. Rolleyes

Frankly, seeing as how this doesn't fit the stereotype of a "good" cop, I am surprised this even made the news.
Here's another one:

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