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Viper's "Not as Cool at Jah's Ninja Thread" OC Log
I had a surprisingly pleasant experience with an Officer Levy this afternoon when PrettyInPink and I went down to Philly to take care of some red tape for her. We had to hit the Vital Records office at 110 N. 8th Street, which, according to the rather befuddled security guards, is privately owned and leases space to the State for certain offices. They have a strict "No Weapons" policy but no lockers, so I walked the half-block to the roundhouse to see if they could lock me up, so to speak.

After I told the guard at the front desk what I wanted, Officer Levy came over and asked me which police department I was with. I told him I wasn't, and carry on my license. His facial expression changed just the tiniest bit, but his demeanor did not. While he didn't have any lockers available there, he did offer to lock it in his Sheriff's desk drawer for me. I said I would be happy with that on one stipulation - that I have a paper receipt of some kind indicating the change of custody.

Officer Levy was happy to oblige, and wrote out a property receipt for me on a blank citation form. He took it back to a desk that was deep behind the counter and locked it. When I went back to pick it up, he was the example of a friendly, professional officer, asking me if I got my paperwork taken care of, and remarking at how heavy my "piece" was.
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The lady had a craving for McDonald's the other night, and like the good boy I am, I headed out to pick something up for her. The cashier noticed I was carrying.

"Why you strapped? You stay strapped?"
The manager burst into laughter. "Listen to him! He said 'erryday!'"
"Hey, that's okay - some girls like that."
"Oh, it's not about whether or not anyone likes it - it's about keeping the guy out there," as I motioned towards the windows, "who's looking in here," as I motioned towards the counter, "from thinking, 'Hey, I could go an easy $50,' to stay the fuck up away from me."
"See, if we get robbed, I'mma call you."
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